Falling for her……

Memoirs of a Vampire


Chapter  7 – Falling for her……

I laid on my futon (quilted Japanese-style mattress laid out on the floor) my hands on my neck still trying to figure out what I really feel about Maki. Why was I so protective of her anyway? Why do I want to see her everyday? Why do I smile when she smile? Why does my heart ache when she cries?

“ARGH! WHY DO I KEEP THINKING ABOUT HER!?!?” I screamed out on my pillow so that no one will hear me.

I tried to clear my mind and not think about her. I was successful for about a minute and then her smiling face popped into my head. I fidgeted around the futon and I scratched my head as pictures of her began flooding back my mind like a tsunami.


The next day my eyes felt heavy and my body felt weak. I ended up awake all night trying to clear my mind of thoughts of her. I grabbed a wash cloth, a broom, a mop and a pale of water and I went to the first floor and began cleaning.

“This is good. Cleaning will definitely help me forget about her.” I nodded and I started working.

I was half way done when I suddenly heard someone walk in. When I looked up I saw no other than but Maki.

Why must she always come so early!!?? I started banging my head lightly on the wall. I stopped when I felt a pair of eyes staring at my back. I turned around I found Maki staring at me worriedly. When my eyes met hers she immediately looked away and so did I. She quickly changed into her uwabaki (indoor shoes) and she ran towards her classroom.

“Eh?” WHY IS SHE IGNORING ME!?!? I started banging my head on the wall again. Suddenly a random girl walked by and she looked at me like I’m some kind of lunatic. God, why must I continue embarrassing myself?


Finally! Lunch! I dragged myself out to the back of the school where no one can bother me. I sat on a backless bench that leaned against the wall while I fan myself with a magazine that I borrowed from one of my coworkers. Why is it so hot? It’s February for Christ sake. When I closed my eyes and I immediately fell asleep.

I was woken up when I heard a tumbling sound nearby. I opened one of my eyes and I looked around to see if anyone was there. No one. I guess it was just my imagination. I closed back my eyes and went back to sleep. Then I heard someone cursing quietly to themselves. I opened one of my eyes again and I searched the vicinity. No one. Then not far from where I was resting I heard someone sniffling.

I stood up from the bench and I walked towards the corner of the building where the faint noises where coming from. When I peeked at the other side of the wall I found Maki kneeling on the ground rubbing her elbow with her handkerchief. Ah! She’s using a Hello Kitty Handkerchief! So it was hers!

I walked towards her and I tapped on her shoulder. When she saw me she was surprised and she fell back on her .

“Daijobu? (Are you ok?)” I asked her. She nodded as she tried to get up from the ground. I stretched out my hand for her to take and she took it. I helped her get up from the ground and I led her towards the bench I was sitting on.

“You’re elbow is bleeding.” I pointed out, which she most probably knows already.

I stood up and ran towards the infirmary and I came back with a wet wash cloth and a SpongeBob band aid (that was the only type of band aid they had on stock). I began wiping her wound with the wet cloth. I heard her winced in pain so I did gentler. After wiping it I took out the band aid and I covered her wound with it.

“All done,” I announced to her happily.

“Arigatou (thank you)” She said shyly.

My face suddenly lit up when I heard her say thank you. Waah! She thanked me! I feel like jumping right now!

“Your welcome.” I told her calmly and coolly.

“And thank you for saving me the other day.” She glanced at me and she smiled at me sweetly.

My face turned tomato red and I immediately looked away from her. OH MY GOD! She just smiled at me! I think I’m going to faint!

I breathed in and out as I tried to stay calm. Ah! Suddenly I just remembered something and I grabbed something out of my pocket.

“Kore (here), this is yours right?” I asked her as I showed her the Hello Kitty handkerchief.

She immediately recognized it. “Ah! Where did you find this?” she asked as she grabbed the handkerchief from my hand.

“I think you dropped it when you were struggling to get freed from that chikan () the other day.” I explained to her.

“Souka (I see). Thanks again.” She said bowing her head.

I blushed and I began hyperventilating. “She’s killing me…” I mumbled to myself.

“Huh? Did you say something?”

“Umm, no I’m ok.”

We sat there in silence for a while. She kept her head low and she just stared at her feet. I took quick glances at her, which I don’t think she seemed to notice.

How can I break this awkward silence? Crap! Umm……think! Think! Think—

“Umm, I think I should go back inside now. Study hall is almost over.” She stood up and brushed the dirt off the back of her skirt. Before she could take another step, I grabbed her hand unknowingly.

“Ano—” I started out.

“Huh?” she stared at me waiting for me to say something.

! Why did I do that?! I got to think fast! Think! Think! Think!

“Ah, gome (I’m sorry). I forgot what I was gonna say.” She just nodded and I slowly let go of her hand allowing her to leave.

When she left, I felt someone staring at me. I turned around, but there was no one there. I guess it was just my imagination.

Then I finally remembered what I wanted to say to her. Crap! I forgot to introduce myself!


The next day I woke up extra early so that I could finish my work at school earlier. I cleaned the whole first floor quickly then I waited for Maki’s arrival. I crouched down and hid behind a wall. It’s 7:35, five more minutes!!!

As I eagerly waited for her at the lobby I heard a voice from behind me.

“Who are you waiting for?”

I jumped from my place surprised. When I turned around I found the new teacher crouched down next to me.

“Geh! What are you doing!?” I asked her.

“Hey, I asked you a question first so you answer me first.” I sighed and I just ignored her. 7:38, two more minutes!!!!!! I began fidgeting at my spot waiting impatiently for Maki to arrive.

“Stop moving!” Meisa hissed at me.

“You’re still here!?” I hissed back.

Suddenly I heard footsteps getting closer. AH! There she is! She bent down and she slowly took her shoes off and placed them inside her box.

“Eh, so you were waiting for Horikita-san huh?” I gave her a slight nod. Then I turned around again and asked her why she was still here.

“Eh- Sensei, what are you two doing?”

We both looked up and we found Maki staring down at us with a confused face.

“Umm……contact lens!” Meisa suddenly blurted out. I looked at her not having a clue of where she’s going with.

“He’s helping me look for my contact lens!” She nudged me at my ribs. I quickly nodded and I just went along with her story.

“Ye-yea, we’re looking for her contact lens.” I explained nervously.

“Do you guys need help?” Maki asked.


“AH! Here it is I found it!” Meisa blurted out as she faked grab something on the floor and placed it inside her eye.

Maki just nodded then excused herself and head towards her classroom. When she was gone, we both let out a huge sigh and we began laughing at each other.

“That was close!” she told me.

“Yea, that was a good excuse! Thanks!” I told her as I pant.

“So…….do you like Horikita-san?”

I turned my face towards her and I gave her an I-don’t-think-I-should-tell-you look.

“Oh come on! I’m not going to tell anyone!” She whispered to me.

I let out a sigh and I whispered a reply in her ear. “I like her……”


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Chapter 8: My Serenade


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great job!
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good story :D
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jaejoong!! :DDD
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I do hope you'd continue this. This fiction is good. I mean great.
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I do hope you'd continue this. This fiction is good. I mean great.
It when people don't comment and you just think you're typing to an empty merciless of void that gives nothing back --- wait, I might just be projecting here. Senior year of hs is rough - I remember it, plus there was that big deal over Prom. Wow. I'm a million years old - anyway, so glad that you continued with this story. It always makes me laugh when I read how innocent and naive both of them are.
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I discovered your story just today . Only read the first chapter but i really liked it so far . Your story is quite entertaining with a lil bit of mystry , drama and humour ^^ <br />
Other than that , is it just me or your story seems a lil bit like the manga hana to akuma ?<br />
I'll comment more after reading the other chapter ^^
It's like...kinda sad. That he had to be away from her for so long...doesn't he miss her? Okay I guess I'm asking the obvious. But it's good that they met again (: Update soon okay? I'll be waiting (:
New reader here and your story rocks!<br />
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