Memoirs of a Vampire



Kim Jaejoong

Horikita Maki


Kuroki Meisa



  This is not your typical vampire story. Told in the point of view of Kim Jaejoong, this is a story about how a vampire eventually evolved from a stoic and apathetic vampire to a loving and caring human being through his love affair with a human being, Horikita Maki. He shares his experiences, his interactions and his thoughts about the Earth and the human beings to the readers.

"This is my story.....

...because of you I learned how to love.
...because of you I learned how it feels like to be hurt.
...because of you I was happy.

.....Death is something unavoidable....I promised to love you forever, but what will I do if you're no longer at my side?"



I'm not the best writer so please forgive me for my mistakes and for my poor grammar. I hope you guys enjoy my story! Comments would be very appreciated!


(='.'=) <333


green-chan ストーリー©



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great job!
[deactivated] #2
good story :D
deardiaryyou #3
jaejoong!! :DDD
kyoumi #4
I do hope you'd continue this. This fiction is good. I mean great.
kyoumi #5
I do hope you'd continue this. This fiction is good. I mean great.
It when people don't comment and you just think you're typing to an empty merciless of void that gives nothing back --- wait, I might just be projecting here. Senior year of hs is rough - I remember it, plus there was that big deal over Prom. Wow. I'm a million years old - anyway, so glad that you continued with this story. It always makes me laugh when I read how innocent and naive both of them are.
[deactivated] #7
I discovered your story just today . Only read the first chapter but i really liked it so far . Your story is quite entertaining with a lil bit of mystry , drama and humour ^^ <br />
Other than that , is it just me or your story seems a lil bit like the manga hana to akuma ?<br />
I'll comment more after reading the other chapter ^^
It's like...kinda sad. That he had to be away from her for so long...doesn't he miss her? Okay I guess I'm asking the obvious. But it's good that they met again (: Update soon okay? I'll be waiting (:
New reader here and your story rocks!<br />
I love vampire stories :) Update soon please! Thanks!
awww~ my baby junsu is bad boy in ur fanfic.. huhhuhu.. it's okay... i really love ur story.. please.. keep on updating~~ <3