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Your POV
I suddenly sat up at the dinner table. I looked around and saw that I had fallen asleep at the kitchen table with Mir’s Death Note manga under my head. I rubbed my eyes and stretched.

‘So that means Seungho doesn’t know anything about me liking him?’ I said to myself ‘Thank god’

I looked towards the couch to see Minho sitting there playing with his phone. I looked at him wide eyed.

‘Where did you come from?’ I asked him confused

He looked up at me and just started laughing.

‘What?’ I said to him ‘Why are you laughing?’

‘There’s stuff on your face’ He said falling onto the floor and laughing

I touched my cheek and looked at my fingers, to see black marker on my fingers.

‘Mir!’ I said loudly

He came running from his room and looked at me innocently. He saw my face and began laughing.

‘Mir Hyung, I told you not to draw on her’ Minho said in between his laughs

I walked towards the bathroom and saw that Mir had doodled on my face. I had a moustache, an eye patch, and random squiggles all over the rest of my face.  I groaned and grabbed some face wash and scrubbed really hard with a loofa, my face was red because of all the scrubbing. I washed my face with cold water and searched for a towel with my eyes closed. I put my hands out towards the door and felt a cloth against a hard surface.  I walked towards it slowly and wiped my face on it and looked up, to see Seungho looking down at me, with his eyes wide open. I widened my eyes and ran past him, towards Minho, I ran to the side of his couch and hid behind the couch.

‘What did you do this time?’ He asked, still looking at his phone.

‘I wiped my face on Seungho’s t-shirt thinking it was a towel’ I said quietly

Seungho’s POV:

I sat up from my bed and rubbed my eyes and looked at my phone to check the time.

‘It’s already 1 in the afternoon’ I sighed

I got out of bed and went towards the bathroom, I walked inside and saw _______ washing her face. She had her eyes closed and was searching for a towel, I walked towards her and grabbed the towel to hand to her when she was feeling around my abdomen. I looked down and saw she grabbed part of my shirt and began wiping her face on it. If she was feeling any lower it would have been my crotch! I looked down at her, wide eyed and gripping onto the towel. She finished wiping her face and looked up at me and run away. My heart was beating fast and I was just standing in the bathroom.

‘Seungho can you help me with my confession to Grace?’ G.O asked me

‘Huh? Oh yeah sure’ I said turning around 



Ok Now all my readers, permission has been given for you all to shoot me!! I know this chapter was really short but hey I need to put this love story on hiatus and focus on Grace and G.O'S love story. I hope you guys are ok with this and I shall try and update fast! I have so many ideas for Grace and G.O's love story!!
Yamasau out!

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BUT! I promise i will upday this Friday.Meanwhile, feel free to give and suggestions on what you want the next chapter to be

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