One Shot

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In the dark corners of Seoul, there were thousands of gangs competing against one another; making enemies and rarely making allies. Secret agents were involved in the most dangerous gangs, betraying their gang-members and putting them into jail. Amongst the gangs, stood B.A.P. B.A.P is a very skilled gang with few but talent gang-members. Yongguk; the leader and a master of weaponry. Jongup; has a quick mind and sharp instincts. Himchan; has a sharp mind that can solve problems fast. Daehyun; fierce and headstrong, the "Seducter" of the gang since he get his way into the most toughest men out there and find out their secrets. Zelo; may seem young but is a master of Kung Fu and Karate, learning Tai Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts. They were an ideal gang, feared and respected.

Zelo and Yongguk were dating, unaware of the pain Yongguk put Daehyun through. While the couple were lovely dovey to each other, Daehyun was the third wheel and secretly--yet madly and utterly--and hopelessly in love with the gang leader.

Suddenly, Youngjae disappears and the gang was in frantic. They recieve a video of Youngjae being beaten by their most hated enemy, who demands 10 thousand dollars in order for them to free Yongguk's most prized friend. After Yongguk searches high and low, he came up with the money at the end of the week. But just when Yongguk let out a breathe of relief, a rain of gang-members ran in and shot everyone. Everyone but Youngjae and Zelo, who were with them. Yongguk was crushed and lost his trust for everything and everyone. For months, he was effected heavily and was emotionless; isolating himself in his headquaters and staring out of the window, as if waiting for his lover and his friend to return to him. After a fight between Daehyun and the leader, Yongguk realizes that he hasn't spend a lot of time with his gang-members and goes to apologize. But he was too late. They recieved a video in the mall from Zelo and Youngjae that teamed up with the same gang that "kidnapped" Youngjae. But instead of wanting money, they wanted Yongguk's life. Who was kidnapped? What will the gang leader do to save his gang-member's life?


  Are you gonna give in? Are you gonna be caught by the surrounding traps?
Only one shot
Don’t run away, turn around and face your faces
Even if the world turns away from you
Protect yourself, that’s the right attitude


Very crappy summary...made it a little too long but I felt like I had to describe the setting of the story to the readers and THEN give the summary. I based this fanfic a little bit on "One Shot" by B.A.P. (TS ENTERTAINMENT ;-; MY FEELS). Hope there are subscribers ^^;


Thanks for the beautiful poster!!! and for the author for pointing out my mistake in filling the form out but it's all good!! I accidentlay put One instead of One Shot ^^; Got the poster from this lovely place!

thanks Magical Designs for the lovely background and poster!

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Omg I'm sooo excited;-;;;;
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this sound great!! can"t wait to read whole story. i'll starting now!!!
Chapter 7: Awww, my bangdae heart ♡
such an interesting and exciting story!
loved every chapter of it. Amazing job! ☺
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Chapter 5: Junkwang moment! I love this ><
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Chapter 7: i like it... but at the end chap.. i had to skip exo's part... they are so many... i'm confused... and i dont know exo's member face or name... mian...
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Chapter 7: Woah did not see the ending coming but bangdae was soo cute!! Lol and cameo by exo!!
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Chapter 4: Kyaaaaaa!!! You should have gone with bangtan!!!!! T___T