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Follow your heart, not your head. Follow your passion.

~ Taeyang, BigBang


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Quote 179: I can't bring myself not to put in the Super Junior. Hangeng will always be apart of Suju to me :)

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Cool post you have here. It'll be nice if you can keep this going. ^^
BluEstKissXo #2
Chapter 211: Ohmaigad...just where on earth did u manage to get this...? Thank you sooo much for this beautiful words ..
blind_angel #3
Chapter 65: So deep!! TTuTT
Chapter 71: Please never delete this, just please. I need this in my life
Chapter 211: Thank you Chen, you've help to build up my confidence a bit ^_^
I know I've done right choosing my bias ^^
chalexiyhan #6
Chapter 99: Omo~ Krisseu TT_TT That quote really mean something! :'(
Chapter 208: bless this quote
Chapter 99: </3... Galaxy oppa TT.TT
Chapter 211: hooow sweet it is.. Chen..
Chapter 212: I love the JYP quote!!