UPDATE!  This isn't a comeback unfortunately, just a notice that I will be on eternal hiatus. If any of you are currently following me on Instagram, you'd see that I was coding today-- my second theme in a while. My first one would be one I have done for The Boyfriend Factory on RoleplayRepublic, you guys should totally check it out! In all honesty, I was going to leave AsianFanFics and RoleplayRepublic all on the same day, but recently I've just gotten to check some things and even talked to some people. I may not be up to the standards of the current days' amazing coders, but I sure as heck don't want to be disappointing anyone either. So this is a heads up, I will be on hiatus. The time and date that I come back will be unknown until I make sure that I can spend more time here. Hopefully, I'd be able to become an even greater coder then! I've actually also been picking up on graphic designing lately so maybe I can even incoporate more of those in my themes hehe. But thank you to everyone who has stuck with me thus far! Contaegious has died down for now, but will definitely be back in the future. Until next time. #byeeeee

whew: https://www.roleplayrepublic.com/roleplay/view_rules/22136/www-to-you-from-heaven-com-layouts-layoutgallery
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