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Trailer Makers


I'm Sue . The owner of this shop . Specializes in all genre but I enjoy doing dark , angst , horror , war and such . I don't do and yuri .

Enjoy requesting from me and The Clique   xoxo <3

I'm in love with Minhyun ~

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3 | link4



I started getting interested in trailer making only this year, I'm a huge fan of all KPOP groups but my ultimate is Exo <3 About me,all I can say is that i'm turning 13 this May~Yay!Haha..So,please don't hesitate to request ne.Bye and thanks!:)

I'm good at romance,angst,fantasy and happy/cheerful while im sort of bad at horror and gangster .

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3



Hello! I've been making trailers for two years now on aff. .Um..lets see my main fandoms are sone,vip,playgirlz and akb48.

I really like making angsty or dark trailers.

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3 | link4



Hey there! paboji here, currently still improving myself to be a better trailer maker. My bias is of course Myungsoo, Sung Gyu, Infinite, Kim Jae Joong and Kai. If you request for me it will really be great if you can provide me the videos :D

I do best in Romance, Comedy, Sad genre but not that good with horror and mystery.

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3 | link4



Hi, I'm Kelly ^^ I'm fifteen this year and I'm an Inspirit. Feel free to request ! I won't bite :B

Genre that I love : romcom, romance, drama

Genre that I won't accept : , , yuri

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3 | link4




Hi, I'm Twinkles but you can call me Portia :) I'm the co-author of this shop. Sue unnie is busy these days so she assigned me to handle the shop ^_^ I'm 13 years old and my ultimate biases are Park Jiyeon and IU ♥ Feel free to request from me. o/


Genre that I love : angst, fantasy, revenge, supernatural / adventure

Genre that I won't accept : , , yuri

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3 | link4

Graphic Designers  


I'm a graphic designer who works a couple of other shops around AFF. I have about half a year of experience, so I might not be that good. I am an EXOtic, BABY, Primadonna and ELF, but I love all Kpop bands!

I'm good at Tragic/ Romantic/ Angsty posters but I'm bad at cute, fluffy posters, so please don't request those unless you want a mix of both .

Portfolio; link



I've been doing graphics for the past fews months . oh and no HD pictures,no poster.Sorry.I can't waste my time searching all for you,can I?

I can do romance,angst,simple comedy,romcom and a little bit of dark.

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3 | link4



Hi, I'm FlamingFrog. A crazy 15 years old Shawol but I promise I won't bite. I've been making posters for about 3-4 months.

I do any type of themes/genres but I guess I'm best at romance/dark/angst.

Examples; link1 | link2 | link3 | link4



I'm not a pro but I'm willing to learn to improve myself, hence I hope that I can get exposed to more genres and the variety of designs by fulfilling requests alongside the guidance of some designers here. I promise that I will give my best for every request; you have my word for that! :)

Best at Romance, Angst, Sad, Dramatic, Dark . I'm willing to do all types of posters but I'm still brushing up my skills for cute and comedic ones :) Experience: 1 year

Portfolio; link



 Hi! You can call me Micah or Jiah. I'm 13 yrs. old and I'm from Philippines. I'm a hardcore fan of SNSD,EXO,B.A.P,Infinite and many many groups.I enjoy editing pictures, reading books, listening to music and photography. I can describe myself as a self-conscious person but I'm also cheerful if you get to know me.

Good at: romance,light angst,comedy,fluff,cute . Bad at: horror,mystery,dark angst,action


Portfolio; link


 Annyeonghasaeyo!!-bow- white imnida~ you guys can call me white or kitty~ -wink- meowww~-giggle- i be in making poster about 1 years 3 month 17 day~  .I'm the most friendly girl in this world so yeahh~ you guys no need to afraid with this kitty cause this kitty don't know how to bite people so you guys are safe with me~-wink- i can take 5 request in one week!! and re-do only 2 times!!

I'm good in all genre as long you guys give me a great description about what you guys want inside that poster cause it easy for me to finish you guys request quickly


Portfolio; link


 HAI!!...the name ish Ada...i can work with any genres all except horror...uhh i just don't like finding pics for it...it just creeps me out XD umm thanks if your requesting for me LOL

Portfolio; link


 Hi, i'm Bunni and love making posters. I won't(will try not to) disappointed you!! So please feel free to request. About, my fandoms.. it always changes so i can't really say i got a bias? /slapped

Portfolio; link




Well I em...I honestly don't know what to say but I'll just say the basics.If you don't want me to give y'all harsh reviews then please please please don't request if you write 'you' P.O.V I just don't read them.If you write EXO's pairing than I'll definitely praise you /lol . I've been doing reviews for..5 months I think? ._.


Level of strictness : 7-9



My name is nyna, i'm 13 yrs old, i'm a fellow hottest and exotic. Ive been reviewing for three years now :)



Level of strictness : I'm really strict on grammars but i don't bite^^ . 



I read almost all genre but I hate to read Yuri , fantasy and action ( depends on the actual plot , character ets )


Level of strictness : I'm not that strict when English isn't their first language, but if it is, I'll be 95% strict.



I'm a YG stan and an avid shipper of TOPBOM, and I have a huge obsession with shoujo manga, Studio Ghibli, and bunnies. xD  English is my first language, and I try not to be too harsh when reviewing . And I enjoy reading fluffy and corny stories so long as the punctuation and grammar is good and etc.


Level of strictness : Overall, I'm pretty lenient.



I'm a writer in aff nd i've been getting a lot of subscribers from my three accounts. I usually write romcom's and one-shots. Experience? None. But my friend always asks me for advices on what should she do with her stories xD .

Level of strictness : Well, it depends. I usually become stricter when I like the plot but the way they write it is wrong. I'm not that strict on one-shots.


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Chapter 46: bye bye~ I love this shop so much /cries a Han river
Chapter 46: farewell TT^TT
(im kinda interested but idk xD)
Can we be affiliates?

Somnium Review Shop

I would be glad if you accepted. :)
MindragonFan #5
Chapter 44: Holy sheit, the x-men trailer is amazing!! Teach me your ways, sensei. *bows to your awesomeness*
Chapter 3: When will you be open again?
Chapter 3: Is my dp that I requested last time included as one time that I requested?
Chapter 42: Reviewer 1: Well.. i meant that love isnt easy. especially if it was ur own dad. and to make it all for worse, he died. and ur pregnant when ur suppose to. sorry if i was not being expressive lol. ^^' Thank you. Haha thanks. I was wondering about that. XD Really? Its my third story.. so.. kinda nervous if i still make mistakes. :3 well.. i dont exactly love m-preg.. but yeah. lol Thanks you. :) Its ok. Thanks for the time. <3

Reviewer 2: I know. I'm sorry.. ;_; lol jk. I did the title first then the story. I guess it was a mistake lol. I dunno what to put.. T^T my wrong. i should've put kris as a slight appearance. Yeah. I'm from malaysia. But i'm always on top in my class when it comes to english though. ^^ And okie. Hmm.. ok. Thanks. I was thinking that. But dang, i use it to much. Thanks for the time~ <3
Chapter 39: Whoops~ i think you forgot something. can i ask for a redo?