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They covered kpop songs with over two million viewers. What if a chance to go to Korea and perform their covers in front of the many citizens of Korea do to them? Maybe even a few celebrities watching? What if founder Lee Soo Man, of SM Entertainment, decides to take them in as an official group? What kind of side will they show to the world without covering but actually their own songs?

@InternetGirls(Lollipop)| updated chapter 33/34!! please read? and comment? - --26C4U

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Annyeong Emiko! Welcome!
I missed this story sooo much!!!
this is saranghaeyo4ever! but i changed my unsername to klumsykyutie.
update soon~
xXRainyWishXx #2
*waves* Annyeong!! It's me, xXK-Pop4UXx, except I changed my username to xXRainyWishXx now~~ Thanks for the welcome everybody, and I'm glad you've updated~!!^-^♥ Can't wait for the next chappie~
*OO* Update! I have a feeling it's Jonghyun xD That's who she ends up with anyway, right? LOL I dunno I have to see~
jheine05 #4
waaah! i missed reading this~ *0*
annyeong Emiko!! keke~
welcome to the group~ :D
YouandMe #5
Kyaaaa~ jane and tae! omo! XDDDDD
Your update is funny! ^^ ♥ cute♥

Thanks for the update! *bows* ♥♥
haha! love your update! if your updates are this funny,i'd wait 100 years so don't worry! unnie hwaiting!
[deactivated] #7
Hahaha your updates are funny>.<
YouandMe #8
I so love the updates!! ♥<br />
Thank you! <br />
I'm so sorry for the late comment. >_<<br />
"Little T and Little J! You guys aren't wearing swimwear!!!" Christina shouts<br />
"Little T and Little J?" Onew ask.<br />
"Hey! It's my nickname for them! Get your own!" Christina piss.<br />
<br />
LOL @Christina XDD Haha
jheine05 #9
lol at minho and sunnie~ :))<br />
and then the bets :3<br />
aww~ i know the feeling of being in a writer's block >.< that ~<br />
anyways, goodluck on your next updates ^^
lol! i really liked the bets they had!and don't worry, everyone gets their bad case of ewriter's block. in fact, im having it now too so i havent been updating<br />