Unexpected Relation



Have you ever thought of how a relationship with a celebrity will turn out? Have you ever thought that a celebrity and fans can be together? This story is about an ordinary 19 year old American university student’s relationship with an  idol ,an ordinary man (similar in age) and/or maybe someone else. Who will she choose?  Will she choose an ordinary life? 


Characters: Aaron Yan, Angelababy,Yang Mi, Han Geng, Ruby Lin,Cyndi Wang




Angelababy as Angela Chen 陈晓冰

19 year old American born and raised university student. She has an innocent nature. Angela soon falls in love with Aaron.

Cyndi Wang as Lili Wang 王小奇

Lilli is one of Angela's closest friend. Together, they are both obsessed with popular taiwanese celebrity Aaron . Lili is really loyal.

Ruby Lin as Ruby Chen 陈晓琳

Ruby grew up in Shanghai, but later moved to New York with her family.Ruby is Angela's older sister. She has been taking care of Angela ever since she was really young. Ruby is like Angela's mum. 

Yang Mi as Jennifer Li 李菲菲

Jennifer is also one of Angela's closest friend. She is also obsessed with Aaron. She was born in Shanghai, at the age of 15 she moved to New York with her family to study. They are classmates in university.

Aaron Yan as Aaron 

Aaron is a popular taiwanese celebrity who later on meets Angela, and later on falls in love with her...


Han Geng as David Feng 冯凯杰

David is Angela's neighbour's son. Although he moved to Singapore, he has a crush on Angela and has always been there for her... 

Eason Chan

Another celebrity, Aaron's best friend.



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