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It's not a separation, it's just.. our love is timeless. 


What will you do when you did realized that your love is TIMELESS ?

will you fight for it, no matter the ending,?

or leave it like it has no meaning for you?



"Kyuhyun-ah,, don't worry"

"mianhae,, please forget me, please forget me and live on"


Kyuhyun Cho


Park JiHye (you!)

Wu Yifan


Ah, Annyeong ^^

this is my first time publishing my fic,

Anyone interested to read more??



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Chapter 3: i saw that actress somewhere! omg forgootttt where is it!!! anyway as i expect, kyu must be leaving her n kris will be replacing his spot. well i hope they still in touch with each other though kyuhyun is a kingka and went to become a trainee
Chapter 2: hey i have some question on about your trailer. answer me asap thanks
Chapter 2: Krisss ~~~
Chapter 2: hi.. I think u post the story twice. Try to read back.. and somehow, the font got smaller.. I like chapter 1 font more. It easier to read... =D
Chapter 2: Oooh. This is good! :)))
sorry, i should hv updated this weekend but i got sudden news that i hv to go out of town.
i promise i'll update soon after i landed back.<3
Maritae #7
This seems nice, I'll be waiting for you to update it ^^
shiningdorks #8
This seems nice, I'll be waiting for you to update it ^^