Agent Hyoyeon III


Hyoyeon was kidnapped and has amnesia.  A guy kidnapped her and brings her somewhere out of Seoul. No one knows where she is. Will Eunhyuk be able to find his wife?


Main Characters:

Kim Hyoyeon - Former agent and now has her own family.

Eunhyuk - He is a member of Super Junior. Hyoyeon's husband.

Kim Jaejoong - Hyoyeon's co-trainee but he was gone before he became an agent.

IU - Nation's Little Sister. A solo singer.


I will post the other characters after the story ends.


Annyeong Hasaeyo! *Bow*. This is the part 3 of Agent Hyoyeon. Expect some actions and love stories. Hope you like the story just like how you loved the 1 & 2. =^.^=


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T/N: I'll try to update this story every Saturday here in Philippines. =^.^=

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Chapter 12: Oh my god..I just wish Yuri and Dongwoon would get married for real already!
Chapter 15: i hope there is Jaejoong and Hyuk's noona moment on the next part :)
infiknight_hyohyuk #3
Chapter 15: Finally, a happy ending for my lovely otp :D But it's sad that it's already finished :(( hope you will make another season of agent Hyo :)
I'm glad that IU has comeback to her sense and became a good person again, and Jae joined WGCo again!! yay!!
And congrats for the birth of your son Hyohyuk!! And also for finding Hyori :D
Thanks for writing this story, author-ssi, anticipating your next story :D
Chapter 16: OMG!!!!!!! -waiting-
HyoTeukkie #5
Chapter 16: wahh! it's all AKB members :D
ganbatte ne^^
Chapter 15: More! More! I want agent hyoyeon 4!
Chapter 15: Oh God! Why must this story end?! We want more ;( Agent Hyoyeon 4 maybe?
jazmintea #8
Chapter 15: I want more! Pretty pls? Agent Hyoyeon 4!!!!!!!!!
I want more! Want more!
Chapter 15: KAWIII!!!!!! Cute!!!! I love all the series !!! Each one a adventure
Chapter 15: happy ending ~~