Awkward Moment

The Maknae, and The Fake Maknae.
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Kyuhyun Oppa was sitting next to me, normally if I am with other oppas I will talk and joke with them, but with Kyuhyun oppa it’s always so awkward. ‘Manager oppa, when will Dana unnie and Key come?’ I ask.

‘Soon, They were stuck in the traffic’ He said ‘both of you wait here okay, I need to print some paper for 4 of you guys’ He said and went outside

That awkward atmosphere is more awkward now. I don’t know what to do so I took out my phone and started to text our maknae.


To : Seohyun

Maknae ah, What should I do?

Me and kyu oppa is still so awkward

Around each other!! Ottokee?


From : seohyun

Keke~ it’s my first time seeing unnie

Like this, Well just talk about games

Both of you love games right?


To: Seohyun


I don’t want!


From: Seohyun

Well, Me and Kyu oppa normally

Talk about music, nothing much~


To :SeohyunArra Arra~~

I look at him and he is playing his phone too, who is he texting? Hmm..

‘Sunny’ He suddenly said.

‘Nae?’ I was shocked and slowly look at him.

‘Let’s do our best!’ He said and smile.

I eye smiled back ‘Nae, Let’s do our best!’ I said and do a fighting pose.

Is he trying to cool down the atmosphere? If he is trying to do that, He is really sweet. ‘I heard that oppa is the gamer of Suju?’ gah, it’s obvious sunny! Pabo pabo pabo!

‘Yes, Indeed’ He laughs ‘I heard that you love playing game too?’ He tilts his head and look at me.

‘Naee! My favorite now is Counter strike’ .

‘Oh, Shooting game? That’s rare…’ He hold his chin. ‘We should play together some other times’ He said.

‘Ehh? You play that too?’

He nodded and said ‘It’s an old game, of course I know’ he said proudly

I gave him a whatever look ‘Okay “PRO” gamer’ I said in sarcastic tone. And both of us laughs at the same time.


‘Yes? Oppa?’

‘We don’t really talk to each other hah?’ He said.

I laugh ‘Yeah… hardly’

‘We should talk to each other more often’ He grinned, and I nodded at him. He is actually fun to talk to, not as cold as I think he was. My first real solo activity with kyu oppa. I smiled to myself.


[Kyuhyun’s POV]

We were left alone in the room, Sunny looks really hot in her outfits, Ya! cho kyuhyun. What the hell are you talking about?!. I shook my head and slowly hit my forehead. I look at her and she is so quite unlike her ‘Variety show look’ When you see sunny on variety show she is known as the most active and funny girl, the sunny now is 100% different. She took out her phone and she is so careless, I can totally see what she types. It’s not my fault my eye is looking right? She is texting Seohyun… I read it… Lol, soonkyu ah, why are you so funny? I kept on staring at her and she stops texting.

‘Sunny’ I called her

‘Nae?’ She was kind of shocked I wanted to laugh but I stop.

‘Let’s do our best!’ I said to her and smile

‘Nae, Let’s do our best!’ she said with her eye smiles and do a fighting pose. I kind of find it cute.

 ‘I heard that oppa is the gamer of Suju?’ She suddenly said that, trying to start the topic seohyun gave you? Cute.

‘Yes, Indeed’ I laughs ‘I heard that you love playing game too?’ I tilt my head and look at her.

‘Naee! My favorite now is Counter strike’ she said happily.

‘Oh, Shooting game? That’s rare…’ I hold on to my chin. ‘We should play together some other times’

‘Ehh? You play that too?’

‘It’s an old game, of course I know’ I with my proud tone.

‘Okay “PRO” gamer’ she said in a sarcastic tone. And both of us laugh at the same time.


‘Yes? Oppa?’

‘We don’t really talk to each other hah?’ I ask, what a stupid question, your amazing dude.

She laugh in her unique way ‘Yeah… hardly’

‘We should talk to each other more often’ I said and smile at her. She is not that cold... I guess All I need is be close to her?


[Sunny’s POV]

As soon as Dana unnie and Key arrived, we were given our practice schedule. I am going to spent most of my time with them. The first practice is tomorrow morning, a Full day. Wow.

Now we are just reading the script with other cast. It’s so nice seeing so many new people, most of them are really friendly. 

Key is sitting next to me, while Kyuhyun is sitting alone in the sofa, I look at him and he look back smiling at me. What a cute smile. I smile back.

Key and I are really close, I am like her real noona, imagining playing a bed scene with him is so funny.

‘ew’ he said. ‘a bed scene with you? A kissing scene with you? Oh no…’ He said.

‘YA!’ I hit punch his hand. ‘What was that supposed to mean? I don’t want to do that part with you too, especially with a kid like you’ Everyone around us was laughing when I shout. I blushed. And I heard Kyuhyun mouth pabo yeoja.

Ah seriously, why did I even shout.

‘Kyu oppa’ I heard someone said. A girl name Seo Ji young. (I don’t know how old she is, but let’s make her younger than kyuu~~ keke)

‘Yes?’ He said.

‘I’m your big fan!’ She grin and smile flirty at him, I scoff.

‘What is it noona?’ Key asked me.

‘Hm? Nothing’ I smile and read my script.


English is not my mother tongue, so please understand if there is any mistake~~  :)

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