Kyungsoo was six years old when he was given a reason for living.

Kyungsoo’s father came home that night laughing and smiling more happily than he’d ever seen him before, his mother coming to pull him into an ecstatic embrace even before he took his shoes off in the entryway. Kyungsoo looked at his parents in a strange mixture of jealousy and awe, the thought that someday he’ll have someone who he can love just as much or more appeasing his ill-feelings.

And that’s what happened.

After his parents stopped bouncing for joy with each other, his father took the steps into the house where Kyungsoo was still staring at them, bending over so that they were on the same eye level. His father’s grin was enough to make him grin too despite not knowing the reason for his happiness. Kyungsoo’s father reached into his pocket and pulled out a pristine photograph, a shiny one with vivid colors. He offered it to his son gently, urging him to take hold of the photo of a young boy.

“Kyungsoo, if you’re a good boy, you’ll be able to marry this person one day.”

And a gorgeous smile cracks Kyungsoo’s innocent face open as he memorizes all of the features of the glossy paper that he’ll always keep close to his heart.


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