We are Young. We are Wreckless. We are Loud.


       Chaerin is the rebelious new student who lived in America most of her life.

     Seunghyun is the handsome playboy who is bored out of his mind.

     Minzy is the school's resident tomboy who hates everyone and everything.

     Jiyong is the creepy kid who is always alone with an angry look on his face.



Togeather they are







"If we're going to do this you all gotta be in one hundred percent."



"Count me in."



"Me too."



" it. Might as well."

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[deactivated] #1
This story is amazing...Why did i only discover this story now?!...Anyway Authornim! Please update..I love this...More SkyTempo pls...! *^O^* (I blame myself for only reading this story now.)
Chapter 4: wooo yeahh badass chaerin is always perfect to see ~~
n there seunghyun with his bad boy act
n also there kwon jiyong with good boy act
hmmm... its really interesting.. waiting for the third of them will have some drama life kkk
also minzy n dara... dara being a bad girl here... ?
ahh cant wait for more revaled story of all of them hehe
keep it up author nim ^^
Chapter 4: Ugggh. I'm craving for more. *.* I love how bad CL is here, Also Dara. I wonder if they would clash personalities. This will also be the start of Minzy's rebellion against Dara. ♡♡♡

Hooh. A hint of Skytempo and skydragon there. ♡♡♡ can't wait how the story will develop! ♡♡♡ Thanks for updateing author-nim! ♡♡♡
sleepinginthelibrary #4
Chapter 3: I'm excited! I love that u used tablo as the bf..i've been secretly shipping them. Lol
Love the characters, oh i can't wait for minzy to get rid of dara!
Chapter 3: omg this is a perfect story! i love all the character tho lol its like watching teenage movie! <3 some pg-13 and God please make minzy do the right thing instead being with dara..shes a in here & CL being rebel as ever just made the entire story!!!can't wait to see your update authornim ^^^
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 3: I like how the different ways the characters acted the moment they looked into the mirror. It shows their characteristics and well. Very different indeed, yet similar. Nice~
i_am_yoshi #7
Chapter 2: So the one who beat Seungri is Jiyoung? Because in you're title the main character is the tomboy and the loner? Well anyways I can't wait for your update!
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 2: who was fighting with seungri? minzy? :/
Chapter 2: little confius here ..
who was talking/fight with seungri ? was that CL ?
still i love this story n wait for SkyTempo appear .. hehe
thanks for the update author nim ^^
Chapter 2: I love this. please continue later kay ^^