Unforgettable You


You touch your cheek, where blood was running. Your eyes were puffy and red from crying. You looked up from the ground where you were lying and saw his hands shake in one rythm and tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

Did your ultimate crush just punch you right in your face?



Annyeong! Nawtyo brought a new story for you all!

"Unforgettable You" is my very first fanfic, so please don't judge me for my mistakes and oh-not-so great fluency. Just read, comment, share, subscribe, criticize and what ever, but I have to say that copying this story is against my copyrights, arasso? So don't even think about it! ><


This story is like any ordinary fantasy story: A girl falls in love with a boy, who has not a single thing for her. Time passes and there will be drama and the guy realises his feeling for the girl who has already moved on. And then blablablablabla~

Simple, yet effective, yeh?

But all of them have an interesting backround.

~And that's what I want to show you guys~


Yun Li Lan ( OC ) is a sixteen year old schooler. She looks kind of nerdy, but actually she is loved by everyone, because of her bubbly attitute. Li Lan is half Korean and half Chinese. She was born somewhere in Korea, that's for sure. Ahem.. What's her element?

The problem is that nobody actually knows about her past or anything about her. She is like a locked door with a broken key.

You can see the outside of it, but not the inside.

Gu Janica ( OC ) is a innocent sixteen year old high schooler. Wait.. Did I say innocent? I meant the spawn of the devil. She looks really cute and all, but actually she likes to mess up other's life. She is fully Korean and is a A and B student. In her past she was actually kind and friendly until some guy dumped her and cheated on her at least with five different women. Rough, hm? But now she is all y and think every guy deserves pain like she went trough in the past.

Her element is ice. To calm her thoughts, she usually goes to a river and plays with ice over there. I've seen once a sculpture there. It was an Angel. Although Janica is cruel and a huge *B, guys are still drooling over her.

An Angel that turned into a cruel, cruel Devil.

Park Leone ( OC ) is a sixteen year old high school bullying object. WHAT? She looks like she IS a bully. But apparently she isn't and she is actually kind of a loner. Plus, she is a real sweetheart. She was born in a big city called New York and there she learned English. Her past was like any other's past usually. Get loved by parents, have a nice and warm home etc. But when she moved to Korea, she got bullied because her parents died in a plain crash, where Leone survived and became an orphan.  Everybody dislikes her and actually... Leone doesn't give a single damn.

Her element is mind reading. That's almost the whole reason why she is a straight A student. Because she can read the teacher's mind.

Someone somewhere who hides in the shadows.

Kwon Jiyong is a seventeen year old heart breaker. He is also known as G-Dragon and GD. People don't know his past or anything about him, because knowing that might leave you to commit suicide. You'll get bulied everyday, harshly.

I only know his element is fire, because he uses that at school 24/7.

Know nothing - You're safe. Know something - Dead meat


Welcome to Syrenla Academia!

The home of human beings with unnatural abilities.


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