Strangers to Friends ~ Modern Itachi Uchiha One-Shot ~

Please don't hurt me because it's not based on a KPOP artist. *Hides behind Deidara nii-san*


*Hanako's POV*

I'm just that quiet girl that reads whenever she gets the chance. I've made some really close friends like Hinata, Konan, Tenten, Deidara, Tobi, and Kisame. I don't really act too different around the boys but it's fun hanging out with them. With the girls, I listen in on their gossip but don't really contribute. Hinata's the same except she always stares at Naruto. We've been friends since forever so I know everything about her. I lived with her family because my parents died when I was 2 days old. Her mother was a very close friend with my mother so of course they took me in. I got a job at Starbucks during freshman year and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment by myself now. I live like a block away from a Quickly's, Starbucks, Noah's Bagels, and Ichiraku. Talk about luck, huh? It was the first day of senior year. I wasn't stoked, but I wasn't nervous. As long as I had a book in my hand, everything was perfect. I agreed to meet up with Hinata at Noah's Bagels so we could walk to school together. I lived about 5 blocks away from there and Hinata's house was 3 blocks away from mine so I was still close to her. I woke up at around 5 in the morning and took a shower. I conditioned my black long hair. It was about half way down my back. I put it up in a ponytail, did my daily routine and put on a simple black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, school hoodie, and black converse. Don't call me emo or goth. I am neither. I just like the color black and reading.  I put on my music and it was playing, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by Green Day. I left the house with nothing in my backpack really. Just some pens, pencils, white-out tape, eraser, my keys, my wallet, and most importantly my book. I'm a er for love stories and this one is so dramatic and I've only read the first chapter! I saw Hinata in a plain purple t-shirt and black skinny jeans. 

"Hinata!" I yelled to her. It was so cold that you can see my breath. 

"Hana! Let's get inside and get some bagels and hot chocolate," she waved and smiled. She gave me the nickname Hana. I liked it a lot more. She'd never stutter around me because I'm basically her sister. 

I walked into Noah's bagels with her. I got us some seats which wasn't too hard to find seats at 6 in the morning. I just wanted some hot chocolate. She paid for me and I gave her the money I owed her for that. We sipped out hot chocolates and she was getting ready to talk. 

"I hope we get more classes together this year. So what are you doing for elective?" she asked. 

"Uhm... I didn't pick an elective. I decided to join book club," I said in my calm gentle voice. I had my fingers wrapped around my hot chocolate for warmth. 

"Oh... I joined yearbook to be with Naruto," she said blushing. It's cute! 

"Ha. Well I hope you guys end up together. You guys have been in the same classes since 7th grade! Does he even notice you?" 

"I don't think so," she said with sadness in her pupil-less eyes. 

"It's okay. He's bound to notice you!" 

"Thanks Hana."

We walked to school together talking about classes and teachers and the senior dance and majors and college. Senior dance... I wouldn't feel like going. No one really notices me anyways and it's extremely boring at dances so why bother going when I can be home on my laptop typing up love stories. We arrived at school and went straight to our advisory rooms. Hinata and I weren't in the same advisory so we weren't gonna have the same classes, unfortunately. I was in the same classes as Tenten, Konan, couple of fan girls, Deidara, Kisame, and the most popular boy in school- Itachi Uchiha. We were assigned seats and it was alphabetically by last name. I had to sit next to Itachi. Great. Now I'll get death glares from fan girls and never have the peace I so desire. Principal Tsunade made an announcement through the PA system. 

"Good morning Ninjas! This is Principal Tsunade and welcome back to Konoha High School. Hope you guys had a very joyful summer. Have a great rest of the year Ninjas!" 

That was quick... Our mascot are ninjas in case you didn't notice. Our school colors are black, green, and red. Not a good mix if you ask me. Jiraiya-sensei assigned each of us lockers. Again, alphabetically. So I was under Itachi. Kami that sounds so erted. I hope this year just goes nice and smooth. The bell rang and we got out of our seats to go to our next class. Our next class was history. My second favorite. Teaching it to us was none other than Kakashi-sensei. He was a ert. A secret ert. He reads Icha Icha which is written by Jiraiya-sensei. How awkward is that?! He was so late that half the period was already gone. No one did anything though. I guess it's because they thought it was some kind of stupid test. Didn't they know Kakashi-sensei had a reputation of being late to his classes? Jeez people. Pay attention. I was just reading my book while listening to 'Fall For You' by Secondhand Serenade, then Itachi started talking to me. 

"So what are you reading?" he asked his voice monotone. I seriously don't get why girls fall for him. 

"Why would you like to know?" I replied in the same tone as him. 

"Just bored. Nothing better to do." 

"Should have brought a book to read."

"I finished it already," he said chuckling a bit.

"Which one?"

"Romeo and Juliet."

"Read it two years ago. You are extremely late." 

"Well what are you reading right now?" 

" 'My Personal Soldier.' " (My first finished story, it's on my page :D)  

"Sounds good. May I borrow it from you when you're done?"


"Why not?"

"No one ever ever touches my books. Ever."

"Okay. I understand."

Yep. I officially hate him. Couldn't he have annoyed someone else who isn't doing anything. For the whole period he wasn't there. We left to our next class. Science. Ew. It's so confusing and sort of boring. Our science teacher was Shizune. She made it pretty interesting though. Then came PE.   Hinata was in my class this time! Well all the seniors had the same PE period. There were only 2 different senior classes. Guy-sensei no doubt was our PE teacher. We changed into our PE uniform and headed up to the gym. He made us run a mile  on the track and was yelling, "YOU GOTTA KEEP YOUR YOUTH!" at us. I didn't care too much. We changed and then when the bell rang, lunch time! I grabbed school lunch it was pretty decent. Spaghetti and meatballs. Yum. I sat down next to Hinata and at a table with Tobi, Deidara, Konan, and Kisame. We were catching up. It was nice talking to them, it was one of those times I wasn't reading. The bell rang and I went to book club. The teacher... Jiraiya-sensei. I guess he's qualified since he did publish a series. But he's still a since it's an series. Itachi and I were the only ones in the club. What the heck? There were so many more people last year! Well they were all seniors so I guessed it's because they're in some college. Itachi wasn't in here last year... Weird. 

"Okay! So we're gonna read my books. That's all for the school year. Here's a copy for each of you," he said grinning as he handed me and Itachi a copy. 

I didn't bother looking at it and just put it in my backpack. Itachi just eyed it. 

"So at the end of the year I need you guys to write a story. You will have 3 months to do so and will be due the first day of your last month."

Yay! I get to write a story. Well I have many published online and completed so I could use that. The rest of the time I was reading and listening to, 'The Last Night' by Skillet. I then went to language arts and math. In all my classes, Itachi Uchiha was next to me. Oh great. I went straight to Starbucks after school at 2:30 and started my shift. It only lasted til 8, and I only worked 3 days a week. It paid really well though and my apartment was cheap so money wasn't a problem. And I've been saving up. I don't want a car since everything I need is within walking distance. I was trying to work hard for a scholarship. I've been a straight A student for my entire life and it was just luck. I had the easiest teachers. I was greeted by Suigetsu. He said I had to train some newbie. I turned around to see Itachi Uchiha. He's everywhere! What the heck?! Has he been stalking me? 

"I didn't know you worked here," he said sarcastically.

"Haha. Well everything is pretty easy. So you can do everything by yourself since you're also one of the smartest kids in school. I need to go back to help Suigestu with customers."

"Hold on. I didn't catch your name yet." 

"Just call me... Kirai (hate)," I wasn't gonna tell him my real name. Not until we were actually friends which was impossible. 

"Hate? Why?"

"I'm not going to tell you my real name until we're actually friends," I said coldly. I was getting really irritated. 

He finally shut up! I finished my shift and was walked home. There wasn't any homework so I just updated my current story. I went to bed at 11 because as I would always wake up early to go meet Hinata for some hot chocolate at Noah's Bagels. 


It's been 2 months since the first day of school. Itachi and I hang out now. We've grown close and he calls me 'Haha' because he thinks my laugh is funny. He hangs out with us now. Deidara doesn't really like him but I don't really care. Konan thinks I have a crush on him. Nuh uh! He's the most wanted guy in school. He knows just as much as Hinata knows about me. That's how much I trust him. He doesn't really like the fan girls apparently. I wouldn't too. Too much attention. He read one of my stories online. I was touched. He said it was one of the best stories he's ever read. It was also my most recent one, too. I love how you can grow so close to someone in such a short time. 

*2 months later*

It's Christmas! Konan was hosting a Christmas party and invited all the seniors! I got Itachi a book, Konan an origami book, Deidara some clay, Kisame a fish, Hinata a couple of flowers for her to press, Tenten a scroll, and Tobi a cookie. They were all very happy about their presents. Hinata and Naruto were under the mistletoe. How cute! Naurto leaned in to peck her on the lips and she was blushing redder than a tomato. I heard he asked her out later and well I guess I'll be seeing her less! That's okay. I've been hanging out with Itachi more and she doesn't seem to mind. I've developed a crush towards him but I'm very good at hiding my feelings from him. I found out he loves the same music as I do and books! I wonder if he likes me back. But it's not like I care. Konan was asked out by Yahiko a few days ago which made her extremely happy. She's liked him since... Well as long as I can remember! Deidara got a nice girl named Yumiko. Kisame... He loves the fish I got him! Tobi's just happy being single so I'm not the only one forever alone! Itachi drove me home in his car. It wasn't the first time. He's been driving me everywhere. 

"I got you a present too," he said smiling handing me a neatly wrapped present. 

It was one of my stories as a published book. I had tears of joy slipping out and pecked Itachi on the cheek thanking him for it. I was too happy to even blush! I saw him slightly blush. 

"I'm glad you like it. It's gonna be a best seller trust me."

We drove back to my apartment. I thanked him for the ride and present again. It was the best Christmas ever. 


The night has finally come! The last night as seniors. Itachi asked me out in a friend way. Konan and Yahiko are going together. Naruto and Hinata. Tenten and Neji. Deidara and Yumiko. Kisame and some blue-haired girl he asked out a few months ago. They've been really good as far as I know. Tobi even got a girlfriend! She's like a girl version of him except she loves pie. All the girls went over to Konan's house to get our make-up done and get dressed. I got a red, high-low length, strapless dress. I decided to go a little festive. Itachi picked me up. He was wearing a black tux, nothing out of the ordinary. I wore a little red lipstick, blue eye shadow, and mascara. My hair wasn't overdone. Actually it was just down. It's almost never down. We arrived at the dance. The firs song to play was, 'Oppa Gangnam Style' by PSY. That didn't fit the theme at all. Then they played some decent songs. Itachi had his hand on my waist and we were just slow dancing. It felt like time was stuck. They played 'Time of Your Life [Good Riddance]' by Green Day, 'I Will Remember You' by Sarah McLachlan, 'I'm Just A Kid' by Simple Plan, 'One Day Too Late' by Skillet, 'Perfect by Simple Plan, 'On My Own' by Three Days Grace, 'Rebel Love Song' by Black Veil Brides, 'Sakura' by Ikimono Gakari, 'Never Too Late' by Secondhand Serenade, then 'I Will Remember You' by Ryan Cabrera. Itachi pulled me away from the dance floor. 

"I need to tell you something Hanako," he sounded serious, he's never used my full name, "I've loved you the moment I set eyes on you."

I smiled then leaned in to softly place a kiss on his soft, moist lips. 

"I love you too Tachi."

Itachi and I never let go of each other's hand that night. They played 'The Graduation Song' by Vitamin C. Everyone had tears in their eyes. I was crying, too realizing Itachi and I are gonna go to different universities. I got accepted into Iwa University Arts School. He went to Konoha University, his major - English literature. Same as mine. We were gonna be so far away from each other. 

"I-itachi?" I asked my voice choking up because of my tears. 


"We won't be able to see each other."

"I know. But distance is a test of love. Our love will overcome it."

I smiled at him then put my head back on his chest. This was a perfect way to end my senior year. 


If you guys enjoyed it, I have a couple more stories on I'm known as Akatsuki Nerd and the link is a direct link to my profile on Quotev. I've created 8 stories/ one-shots, and 4 are completed. I'm currently working on one (:

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