Ditch or Hitch: Like You Have a Choice

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A CEO of a prestigious company was living the life.

He had it all as some people would say.

He is rich, successful, tall, smart, good-looking…
Everything a woman would ever dream of.
To top it all off, he was engaged.
He was about to tie himself down to the love of his life in approximately an hour from now.
She is smart, beautiful, wealthy, independent… 
Everything any woman would kill to be, but where was she at this time?
That's right, gone. 
With less than an hour, he is expected to be standing at the altar promising his vows and himself to a woman.
The flowers were delivered. The cake was ordered. The guests had been seated. The priest has arrived and the press was waiting. 
Everyone is anticipating and hoping to catch a glimpse of the new match made in heaven.
There is no backing out now, everything was set.
Well… almost.
There was just one thing missing from this fairytale wedding

The bride.



Hi guiseee, it's Xin:) Can you believe it, we finally posted it up! lol Hitch or Ditch won the polls, everything else tied at like 16 you trolls.. you did it on purpose, didn't you?

OTL, it's Julie from now on we'll use these colors to differntiate ourselves :) How does that sound? This story is written by both of us because we're two halves of a whole! But oh my! Are you guys ready? Hehe Xinnie called you guys trolls... but it's okay I'm a troll too!


Notice: Credit to Ren from Abundant Felicity Designs for the first beautiful poster and background and for the second amazing poster credit goes to Kurousagii from Pinkcherries Grapics. And Eunrix from Heartstrings Graphics and Trailer for the amazing trailer!

Also this story contains some foul language, we apologize in advance!


It seems like we're experiencing some problems. 43&44; have mysteriously disappeared. ;~;

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Ode2kdrama #1
Chapter 50: Reread this lovely story after a year. I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks
Chapter 50: Already read this for multiple times and still like it so much! This story always made my day <3
I am gonna re read this.
Leyla_99 #4
I love it !! The best story ever . Seriously , i like xinlei characters in this story , so brutal , stubborn girl n whatsoever , totally satisfied with reading this . Idk how to explain anymore , just good job for making such nice lovely enjoyable storyline. 5 stars for u autornim !!! ☆☆☆☆☆
nowaywth #5
I’m commenting again just so I can be the 2018 comment-er lol. Maybe I would get a lucky year in 2018.
nowaywth #6
Just finished re reading it. Still interesting.
Chapter 50: I love rereading this!!!
Chapter 45: Still waiting for sequel hehehe xD we need little kris orjinglei running around
Phoneyy #9
Chapter 37: she is so strong sometimes I just wish she is more fragile so that she can lean on kris more
Chapter 50: Had to read this in one go. I subscribed to this ages ago but only had the time to read this now. Loved and enjoyed it!!