Night Gladiolus [revamping to original story]

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12 men who bears the mark of the moon...

One shall be chosen, destined to complete it's half...

Two shall become one... and fulfill the legend of the intertwined moons.

But beware of  the numerous paths towards the end of the journey...

The choice that could end in tragedy or everlasting happiness...

The kingdom's fate lies in their hands...

Only one thing is certain...

Change will be inevitable.


*Night Gladiolus - A flower that blooms at night. It symbolizes preparedness, strength, splendid beauty and love at first sight. 

Gladiolus is a latin word meaning, "sword". Also called as the flower of Gladiators.





update: 10/03/2015

As mentioned months ago and with the poll results, this will be converted to an original fantasy story. Links for the interactive stories are in the announcement and below this page. 

So if you guys want to unsubscribe, you're welcome to do so. 

Within a week, the whole thread will be revamped for the original story~ 


Links for Sword Lily (Interactive Story): EARTH | FIRE | WIND | WATER

announcement at the foreword. Tell me your thoughts so we can talk about it^^


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Chapter 19: Aghh.... That cliffhanger on the part about trusting Suho... T^T
Please take your time to update, no rush! Love this story! ^^
Cemre01 #2
Chapter 15: please update soon :) it's really great :)
Chapter 19: I love this story!! Update soon author-nim!! Hwaiting!! :))
Chapter 12: Wow this is so cool! I like the story ;)
stanyou #5
Chapter 16: Some chapters still missing??
stanyou #6
Chapter 9: How can u make links like these can u pm me and show me pls?
Chapter 6: Pay them no mind,they are probably just shy...give it time.
Chapter 3: What can I say...when theres a really good author nim,there is always subbie love that follows...<3
Chapter 2: Are all the elements going to start off as disaster(i wasen't thinking fire)...canabalism....nice(lol.)
Chapter 1: Oh my gosh...the opening is soooo reminds me of loveless nieko's style in writing....(but she hasen't done anything here).very intesting way to start it off,love it and I can't wait till chapter two....^_^