Baby Steps




Taetiseo - a three member subgroup of SNSD. Taeyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany are now famous all around korea for their songs.

The world, especially their fans sometimes ship each member in a girl to girl kind of way, which is ignored by Tiffany and Taeyeon.

But little did they know that because of this kind of things that the fans made can make a great impart to Seohyun. She likes Taeyeon.


Thanks to CamSONe for the wonderful poster



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Chapter 2: it sounds interesting
please update soon
candyrhl #2
Chapter 2: LOL, I can't believe it, I fond an Seotae story!!! And it's not only an oneshot!! I'm so happy I could kiss you right now author XD (just kidding lol)

Anyway, looking foreward for more, I want to see how Seohyun cope with this whole new feeling, how she came to realize what it mean, and how Taeyeon will react when she found out about it.
booktaeny #3
Chapter 2: I love amazing when you upload another chapter
Chapter 2: wow so are you sure you meant yuri? and i like it so far waiting for your update.
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 1: hey Bspade. ^^
I am not a yuri shipper but I am trying to read some ff about them.
try to read back your sentences, I think you put the name wrongly and also, I found that this is a bit cliche.
okay it just a first chapter, waiting for your update. ^^
O.o oooooohhhhh... never read a girlxgirl story... so this will be my first... if you actually finish it! :)