Kim Minseok was the definition of cold. He was cold all-year round. His skin was like ice.

And since no one likes the cold, nobody liked Minseok. Because of this, Minseok kept to himself. Adopting a cold demeanor, as ironic as it sounds.

Despite Minseok's cold demeanor Luhan still fell for him.


This is my entry in the The Sky is the Limit Writing Contest. The prompt I used was prompt #7. "Their fingers seemed to fit together in just the right way- effortlessly clasped, like perfect complements. -Nicholas Sparks"

Who else is a Xiuhan shipper?! I ship them so hard. They are just so freaking adorable together. >_<

Now have fun reading huskylover200's first attempt at writing a fic. By the way, this will be a oneshot. :)

Okay, now everything should be right. No false update this time :) I hope you enjoy reading!

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Pumpkinxiu #1
Omg this is really beautiful, really I love all the metaphors you used, it's really amazing. I loved the way you described the characters. Thank you ㅠㅠ You almost make my cry.
Chapter 1: SCREAMING TT_TT too cute ~ <3
BookWormNerd #3
Chapter 1: This is so cute~! :3
Chapter 1: This was extremely amazing. I love the double meanings of the metaphors you used. Beautiful .
Chapter 1: Amazingly beautiful. I got to say, this is one of my favorite Xiuhan fanfics.
Min-Joung_Chu #6
Chapter 1: This is amazing! I got really caught about Xiumin always being cold because I'm kinda like that too, my hands are almost always cold, even in summer T^T I really love this oneshot XD you have written it so well^^
Chapter 1: Wahhhhuh
This is sooooo
Damn adorable
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 1: This was so beautiful ;___;
specialistSHY #9
Chapter 1: this is so beaautiful
the way luhan approached minseok just to make him warm

Chapter 1: Omg so cute and love it *-* ♡