The Bubble Tea Store



There are some advantages in having your family own a bubble tea store. I'm talking about: 

1. Getting whatever I want whenever I want for free;
2. Instant part time job;
3. My school is just across the street;
4. Talking to cute boys.
There's one particular person who never misses a day to get his bubble tea. He'd always walk straight through that door right after school to order his chocolate flavored drink. 
He's dangerously good-looking, the top of his class, and is adored by everyone.
There's just one problem. I hate that guy.
I, Park Hyemi, will hate him for the rest of my life.



Hope you enjoy the story :)

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NOTE: I edited the first few chapters on November 2013. No drastic changes were made in the chapters and the story plot is still the same; just a few tiny alterations of some scenes. If you already read the chapters before that date you'll notice those changes. If you're a new reader that's fine, you don't need to worry about anything.


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13/4/14 : OMG the story got featured! Thank you so much!!

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will be waiting for the next update ... like forever... cause that's LOVE ❤️
and i love this ff so freaking much ?
Chapter 28: I really really really like this story and i hope you will continue writing this story
Chapter 28: Please update~~~~~~~~~ this story is freaking sweet T.T I NEED MOARRRRRR!!
Chapter 28: How come sehun can kiss her without any problems but I can't kiss sehun without dying from co-exols ahaha
stephanie1138 #5
Chapter 28: WHERE'S THE NEXT BUTTON????!!!!!!?!??!?!? :-)?
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 28: I CANT BREATHE AFTER READING EVERY AND EACH OF THE CHAPTERS OMG //FANNING MYSELF// This story is so cute and it suits to my liking >__< its not too fluffy nor too serious. Its just nice. I hope you would continue writing this story. Pls, I do rly hope you would update it again. I'll be waiting for your update, author. I believe tht you will be back and continue this beautiful story T_T huhu.
Chapter 28: im going to wait for you to continue the story author nim hihi it was soooo good and cute especially sehun and hyemi
Chapter 5: This is story is super duper cute and relaxing and relieving– I mean not too fluffy and not too dead serious. I like it, this is a good story <3

Hope you will not get author's block too long and hope you are doing very good job in your life and whatever you are doing now. Stay healthy and keep up the good work, Author-nim.

apcv_123 #9
myungsoobaekhyun #10
Still waiting for the update ><
Hope you could update soon ...
Take your time author-nim ^^