That Paper Plane Could Not Fly

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"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be."




To her, love is like a paper plane.

It will always want to touch the sky.

Ephemeral. Illusions.

If it was meant to leave, she will throw it away before it starts to hurt.


"There you go again." The boy pressed a finger against her forehead.

He did not want to hear anything else.

"I promise you..."


"I will make a plane that can't fly." he whispered.





D3stinyx's Corner.


The first of my 'oneshot' (it's not gonna be) requests! This one is requested from my ed- I mean, totally innocent AliLuvsMarshmallows! *cough*
Sorry, nearly blown both our covers again. *hides fangs*
This is a simple story featuring Luhan from EXO and Hee Yun (OC). Several other EXO members might be making brief appearances in the story as well.
I wasn't sure what gave me inspiration to write this story like this, but I think it was partially influenced by FTI's song.
And no, despite how the title sounds, this story wouldn't turn out to be tragedy, albeit I admit that genre is my forte!
But there is always Yuna's sad touch to my stories.


I hope people will enjoy this story from me!
Comments and subscriptions are very much loved! <3


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Honestly, can't thank you guys enough. Thanks for being amazing. :')
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