This is my random fanfic . and i was so lazy so i wrote in malay language .


I know not everyone will read this but i just wanna post it . this my acc anyway . 

so if you willing to read this well for malaysian reader maybe , THANK YOU ^^


This is about Himchan and You (Hani)



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sandraruby12 #1
Chapter 1: I like it!!!! Eventho there are some words i don't know.. Its good!!!!
Twillight_Sparkle #2
Chapter 1: tersenyum smpai ke tlinga bca cta ni..
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 1: chanchan comel gila! haha (although daehyun is my ultimate bias)
Chapter 1: even though it's in malay(and i dun understand any of itXD)... I still like BAP , so... OMGEEEE I LOVE UR FICXD<3^^
mirrah_97 #5
Chapter 1: ooo~~ comey nye.....
Chapter 1: XD.....sequel??:D