The Sky Is The Limit || Writing Contest (CLOSED)


Have you ever felt like you had so much to say,
but the words just seem to get stuck in your throat?
Here is a place where you can empty your soul.
Just you, me, your words and a cup of coffee.
Imagination is an endless wonder.
With it, you can create a whole new world. 
You're allowed to be anyone you want.
Go anywhere you desire.
Write anything you feel.
So, what are you waiting for?
Sit down. Relax. And let yourself go.
"Imagination is more than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein
This is a writing contest. With that said, may the best writer win. (or may the writer who moves my heart wins)







Things To Keep In Mind: 
#1: Be respectful & courteous to one another. I have a zero tolerance of writers (or any readers) bashing other writers. There will be none of that.
#2: Subscribe. Not a necessary requirement & you may unsubscribe after the contest. But during the course of the contest, I will make updates regarding deadlines & winners. So it would make sense to subscribe to ensure that you stay on top of things. It's not our responsibility to track down contestants individually to remind them of deadlines. We don't have time for that.
#3: Any & all kpop fandoms are welcome
#4: Please submit your stories on time. Unless late extension are explicitly stated. Please assume there isn't one.
#5: , Yuri & is allowed. However pure (aka PWP: without plot) is NOT allowed. If you submit a story consisting purely of , I will reject it immediately. If you choose to include rated scenes in your story, please makr the chapters appropriately.
#6: There is no word limit. You may even submit a drabble. Oneshots, twoshots, threeshots & short stores are what I'm expecting. If you plan on submitting a chaptered story, please make sure it's completed by the deadline.
#7: PLEASE LINK THIS CONTEST IN YOUR STORY'S FOREWORD/DESCRIPTION. This is to raise awareness for the contest. Please do it, so other people can find out about teh contest ^ ^
#8: There will be more than one winner. I plan to keep this contest running year round. So if you choose not to participate in one of the rounds, that's okay. If you choose to enter in every round, that's fine too. However, there will be ONE winner per round (unless stated otherwise). And no, you may NOT resubmit a story you entered in a previous round.
How Do I Submit? 
Post a completed link of your story in the commet box. DO NOT submit a story that is not yours. All submission must be NEW. You may NOT submit a story created before the specified start of each round.
How Do I Know If You Received My Entry? 
Received entries will be posted in their designated chapter & will be frequently updated. If, for some reason, your story is not there, please let one of us know asap! (pm/wall post is fine)
Judging Criterias: 
- originality & creativity
- following all contest directions
- grammatically correct
(I understand if English isn't your first language, but do try to proofread your story before submitting)
Round 5: Judges Appreciation (Open)
Start Date: December 20, 2013
End Date: June 1, 2014 12 AM EST
Notes to the Winner
* If you're under 13, please get your parent/guardian's permission before you give me your address. I don't want to get sued or in any kind of trouble. Thank you.
IMPORTANT: After I announce the winner(s), the winner(s) have 72 hours to PM me with their choice of prizes (the set you want). If I don't get a response after 72 hours, the initial winner is nullified. 
ROUND 5 is now closed!

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This looks like fun, I hope everything is okay with your judges and that this contest will re-open. ^ ^
Chapter 40: I wish Rina and Nara Uhnnie will be okay!
Can I ask when will be the next announcement? :)
Chapter 39: Hello..uhm... i just wanna ask if my two other entries were considered^^
Chapter 39: I'm not sure if this is for everyone, but the links in the received entries aren't working. I'd really like to read the other entries.. it would be appreciated if you could fix it!
But if others aren't experiencing this, then I guess something's wrong with my computer.
Chapter 38: I would like to retain my first entry, BEHIND THE CURTAINS... XD and add this one at the last minute (since it's still june 1). I hope this still counts!
for judge Rina
[deactivated] #8
There's going to be a Round 6 after this, right? I just discovered that the contest was open but the deadline is already a day away so ;___; Will there be another round? I would love to participate! <3
Chapter 38: Ahh I feel so bad about this because I had two months to write but... I don't think I can finish my entry ;~; but I'll still link it here for judge Nara when I'm done ^^"