What is Happiness?


Kai has been depressed lately and finding out what some fans think about him isn't helping.

Can the rest of EXO-K save him?

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 1: Aww this is really cute !! ^_^
Nicole121314 80 streak #2
Chapter 1: KaiSoo always my fave ship
Abbll16 #3
Chapter 1: This was kind of heartbreaking. To know that the members might actually feel like this sometimes. At least they have each other and their loyal fans. EXO fighting! (:
Chapter 1: Please never stop writing kaisoo author nim please have my babies Ily x
Chapter 1: How to even feel about this story ;;
I feel Kai on this story. ;;.;;
Chapter 1: Ah, my poor baby, feeling depressed because of the mean comments ><
I hope he knows how many fans love him, he deserves to be happy!
Chapter 1: So fluffy and beautiful<33 Thank chu :D
wildrose88 #9
Chapter 1: love this >< !!!!
Chapter 1: Everything i needed : food, food, the rest of the food and more food.