Take Me Away


Chanyeol is the newest member of the EXO Paranormal Investigation Team. Baekhyun kind of hates his life.


Hey everyone! For the first time in a really long time, I've decided to try my hand at writing a chaptered story. This is by far the longest thing I have ever written - as of now I have 10 chapters written, for a total of 45,000 words. I'm expecting for it to end up at at least 15 chapters, maybe more. I was going to wait until I finished the whole thing to start posting it, because I admittedly have a tendency not to finish things, but I feel pretty confident that I will have no problems finishing this as I already have quite a lot written. Also, if anyone is actually interested in this, it would be great motivation to finish faster. This is my first time writing EXO fan fiction, so I apologize in advance if any of them seem really off character-wise.

Some important things to note about the fic:

Main pairing will be Baekyeol, with side/minor: Kaisoo, Taoris, Hunhan, and onesided!BaekTao

A lot of the investigating techniques and such are based off of the show Ghost Hunters, if anyone is familiar with it. I'm not claiming that the show is real or that their techniques are correct or scientific or anything like that, since I know there are verying opinions on that, but it is what I know so I decided to go with it. If I mess up with any terms or equipment, I apologize!

The story is set in the United States, for a few reasons: 1) I don't know if this kind of paranormal investigating thing is really big in Korea? I tried to look into it but I didn't find much. I'm more familiar with the way it is viewed here, and felt that I could write the story better this way 2) It simply worked better for certain parts of the plot and the way I wanted to write the story.

I have messed with their ages a bit in this, both to make them older and to widen the age span between them. It's not that important, but just for reference the oldest two (Luhan and Xiumin) are 29 and the youngest (Sehun) is 20.

Okay, now that I have written you a book of author's notes, onto the story!

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