When Yongguk finds a magical bunny!

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 scenario:Yongguk finds a magical bunny!

Yongguk walked around the forest… lost! It was all because of the maknae’s fault! If he hadn’t asked Yongguk to get the leaves, he wouldn’t have gotten lost!

As he walked further into the forest, the tree’s leaves started turning from green to a light blue color, similar to Zelo’s hair!

“Eh? What’s going on?” he thought. Suddenly, a voice rang in his head! Shocked, he tried getting it out but no matter what he did, it would not come out! “Do not be afraid, my child,” a voiced cooed behind him. Yongguk turned around to see a bunny, the size of a football, looking back at him.

Yongguk stared at the weird bunny in front of him. It had rainbow strips and had a weird glow! It was no ordinary bunny… it was a RAINBOW bunny!

“Whoa! Are you a talking bunny? Wait! What am I saying? How can a bunny talk? It must be this forest confusing my brain. I better get out of here.” He started looking around, trying to find an exit from the eerie forest.

The bunny followed him as Yongguk walked in circles. Suddenly, a weird sound came from the bunny and he sneeze a rainbow cake!

Yongguk stared at the bunny, his mouth wide open before he fainted.

When he woke up, he found himself on a rainbow made of food! Red for cherry tomatoes, orange for cloud berries, yellow for lemons, blue for blue berries, green for broccoli, indigo and violet for grapes!

Yongguk looked around him. He wondered if his mind was still playing tricks with him but was brought back to reality when the bunny reappeared in front of him.

The bunny held in his hands a rainbow cake and he stuffed it into Yongguk’s mouth! Soon, Yongguk foun himself glowing and soon, became a black rabbit!

“! What the hell happened to me?!” he shrieked like a girl. The ‘rabbitness’ got to him and he soon found himself gnawing on at a broccoli.

As he gnawed at the broccoli, he noticed at the red side of the rainbow, there was a black rabbit too!

He moves towards the rabbit. The rabbit raised his head when it sensed something approaching. It got a shock when it saw Yongguk in front of him in rabbit form. “ Hyung!! You too?” Yongguk realized that it was none other than Himchan, who had also been transformed to a bunny!

Himchan had also been fooled by Zelo to come into the forest and turn into a bunny! Appearantly, Zelo was the King of bunnies and he was sick of being bullied as the maknae.

“Hahaha!! I see you’ve met each other already. Isn’t that nice!” both Yongguk and Himchan looked at Zelo with their tiny eyes. “What are you trying to do Zelo?!” Himchan barked.

Zelo laughed evilly as he chewed on a cherry tomato. He had become a bunny but was yellow and blue! “ Hyung… It’s so that we can live as cute little bunnies for the rest of our lives and be pet and eat as many cherry tomatoes as we want!”

“WTF?!? Who are you trying to fool Zelo?” Yongguk shouted.

“Yeah! We weren’t born yesterday you know!” Himchan continued. Zelo sharply glared at them for their complaints.

“Complaint all you want! I just want you to feel how I felt whenever you guys treated me like a pet!” Yongguk and Himchan felt guilty. They never expected this to happen.

That was when, it started raining blue cherry tomatoes. Zelo had suddenly cursed as Yongguk and Himchan opened their mouths and ate the blue cherry tomatoes and they went back to normal, only to fall off the rainbow and onto a rainbow cake!

“Hyung!” Yongguk instantky woke up when he felt a sharp slap on the cheek! He opened his eye to see all s looking at him worriedly.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“You were screaming about me being the King of Bunnies and I could eat all the tomatoes I wanted!!” Zelo said excitedly.

“Oh. I was dreaming. And trust me, you being a king isn’t going to happen… Not in a million years.” The other members just looked at Yongguk with blank looks.

“What?” he asked. They just shook their heads, thinking that their hyung has gone mad.


the end(of this chapter)~ hope you enjoyed it! :D

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