Chapter 23

DeJa Vu
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Min Hee felt a forceful tug at her heart before her eyes suddenly shot wide open. Her breathing was hard and uneven. It was the most awful nightmare that she ever had. Clutching her heart tightly in one palm, her eyes scattered around the room in search of a face that she missed so much. Slowly, she pulled herself up from the bed. There was no one around.

Without warning, a trail of tears flow down her cheeks as she brought the other palm to her heart and held it tight. Suddenly, it felt like it was being ripped apart. She didn’t understand why.

Desperate for company, she tried to get off the bed when she suddenly felt pain on her knees. She swiftly removed the heavy comforter from herself to examine the source of pain. A frown formed on her forehead as she tried to remember what could’ve caused those scratches. Leaving the spot of where she thought her heart might be, she brought both her hands to caress her knees instead which were heavily swollen. Only then that she notice that her arm muscles were sore and her hips were bruised.

Bringing her arm to wrap around herself, all she could think of at the moment is Shim Changmin. She needed him by her side now, to protect her from the fear that is slowly taking over her.

She wiped away the tears that were still falling and encouraged herself to stand up.

“Min Hee…” a man’s voice called out to her from the door. She turned her head around to find the concerned face of her friend, Kim Junsu.

She wanted to greet him, but she can’t seem to find her voice. Instead she tried to smile, which turn out to be bitter. Maybe it’s because of the dried tears effects down her cheeks.

Junsu came closer to help her get up since she had trouble to straighten her knees at first. “T-thanks…” she mumbled softly, her body was slightly trembling. “What happened to me?”

The man at her side was hesitant and looked away for a moment before sighing and turned back to Min Hee. “Please don’t do it ever again. Did you know how scared I was? Did you know that you could’ve died?” he answered instead, his voice was slightly angered.

Min Hee stared at Junsu with wide eyes. “That wasn’t a dream?”

Junsu looked at her in slight amusement as he knew Min Hee had always been able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Having her doubt the incident when the evidence is clearly visible on her body is very unusual. Could this mean…

“Junsu, it wasn’t a dream?” Min Hee repeated her question when she figured that Junsu was spacing out. “Locking the door, running towards the balcony and jumping off… all that wasn’t a dream?”

The man shook his head slowly, feeling a bit uncertain at the way Min Hee was behaving.

“Then why am I still here? My body should hit the ground hard and I should have died!”

The sudden change of tone in her voice surprised him. “Calm down, Milady…” he uttered softly.

Slowly, Min Hee started to realise the actual situation she was in then. When Junsu called her by the title she hasn’t heard in a long time, Min Hee was finally knocked back to reality. Suddenly she felt scared. She wasn’t scared of the people around her anymore, but she was scared that what has happened after the attack has sent her farther away from the man she loved.

“Where’s Changmin?” she immediately asked.

The question startled Junsu. “Do you… remember? Everything?” he asked instead after realising the worried expression on Min Hee’s face instead of the fear that she usually had for the man.

“No…” she answered simply, much to Junsu’s relief. “Just the part where I’ve been denying his love all these while when it was clear where my heart had belong to.”

Upon hearing that, Junsu’s heart sank down to the core of the Earth.

“Where is he? I need to find him. I need to tell him that I’m sorry and--”

“He's been in an accident.” Junsu immediately cut in. His face grimaced. He tried as he might not to look into Min Hee’s eyes anymore because he knew that all he will see is the love that she had for Shim Changmin, and not for himself.

“Ac… Accident? What happened? Junsu, tell me what happened! How’s Changmin? Where is he?”

Junsu turned his head side-ways and gulped painfully. He couldn’t believe that his plan didn’t work after all. The love that Min Hee had for his rival is just too strong that it came back to her even without her past memories being present at the same time. He had only one hope left, but he didn’t know if he was brave enough to put it into action. For now, his heart was telling him to let her go. Let her be reunited with her husband no matter how painful the thought of seeing them together was to him… He just couldn't bare to see her so sad and worried.

“He’s in the room next door, resting. He was shot by one of the people involve with the attack. He lost a lot of blood and has been unconscious since two days ago.”

“Wait. Why isn’t he at the hospital?”

“He didn’t want other people to know. He didn’t want any more people to hurt you if they knew…”

At that, tears started to stream down her face once again. “Pabo…” She immediately made her way towards the room Junsu mentioned, stepping forward carefully to not worsen the pain on her knees.

Junsu stood there, feet nailed to the ground. He wanted to go after her and assist her in walking, but his heart won’t allow him to. Not when she’s walking towards that other man.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The room was bright with sunlight yet it was cool and comfortable. Min Hee opened the door wider and stepped inside, only to be greeted by the lifeless body of Shim Changmin on the bed. She couldn’t be sure if he was breathing, but she could see that his chest was moving in a faint rhythm and his skin was unusually pale. She could feel the familiar tug at her heart…

She made her way closer after closing the door behind her. Every step that she took was hesitant. Her heart was beating irregularly while her mind was reminiscing the moments between her and him. It took her forever to finally sit down at the side of the bed where Changmin was resting. Out of instinct, Min Hee held out a hand and touched the side of his face softly, feeling the unusual coldness that it emits.

“Changmin-ah… What has happened to you?” she whispered. “You’re much stronger than this. Don’t you dare leave me. Never leave me…”

Tears continued to stream down her cheeks. At the thought of Changmin being unable to cope with his body, Min Hee stiffened and tightened her grip on the bed-sheet. She will never accept the fact if Changmin was dead. She simply couldn’t.

“Baby, please come back to me. Open your eyes, please.”

She took his lifeless hand in hers and brought it to her cheeks, imagining the moments when Changmin will console her when she feels sad and down, imagining the warmness that would always sooth her being, and imagining the loving smile that Changmin would present to her and make her heart flutter.

“I love you…”

His little finger finally twitched.

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