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F e a t u r i n g : Kim Joonmyun , Do Kyungsoo , Park Chanyeol , Byun Baekhyun , Luhan , Oh Sehun

  J o o n m y u n is class president of the elite class in his year; he is well-known in Busan Privates for his outstanding achievements in both academics and co-curriculars. He is reasonably handsome and has a fanclub of his own. J o o n m y u n originates from a wealthy and classy family, thus earning him the title 'F.B.I', standing for Flamboyant, Beautiful & Irresistible. He appears to be strikingly cold and void of emotions, though his small group of friends beg to differ. He is the leader of kingkas in the prestigious private high school.

  K y u n g s o o is an outcast in his year; he wears geeky black-framed spectacles and buttons his school-shirt all the way up to his collar. He is extremely smart and is always seen with a thick novel in his hands. He has a great sense of humour, but prefers to keep his tone down in order to stay away from the school bullies. He has a warm and outgoing personality, giving off a vibe of good hospitality when others are around. He is an excellent cook, preparing most of his meals himself. K y u n g s o o is one of the friends Joonmyun truly respects, he is his best friend. He two years younger than Joonmyun, yet he understands the male better than himself.

  C h a n y e o l is captain of the school basketball team; he is sporty and active in several school activities. He is a bit too friendly for his own good and is often described as 'naive and gullible'. C h a n y e o l has a big appetite and can eat almost everything in sight. He is a big softie for felines and even keep a cat of his own. He is really close to Baekhyun, who is one of the kingkas in Busan Privates.

  B a e k h y u n is one of the three kingkas in Busan Privates. He has this cute and bubbly image, but can be demanding and manipulative when he feels like it.  He is nicknamed 'C.I.A', meaning Charming, Imperative & Adorable. His family is renowned for his father's connections with several huge companies overseas and in the country. His infamous aegyo skills are acknowledged by the female population in school, much to Chanyeol's distaste.

  L u h a n is a transfer student from China, one of the kingkas and has a remarkably good sense of fashion. He is a big flirt, but has his eyes set on only one person. He has deadly charming skills and has the second largest fanclub in his school, next to Joonmyun. However, L u h a n is serious when it comes to his studies. He is the top student in class and intends to keep it that way until he graduates. His best friend is Sehun, the shy boy.

  S e h u n is very shy and has an anxiety disorder; his number of friends can be counted on one hand. He rarely speaks and jumbles up his words when he does. This makes him feel extremely insecure and is the main reason why his parents are overly protective of him. He finds it hard to trust people, only opening up to his parents and five friends. He prefers to stay out of conversations and hang-outs, opting to stay home most of the time.

P r o f i l e s

Name: Kim Joonmyun
Age: 19
Status: Class president, leader of kingkas


Name: Do Kyungsoo
Age: 17
Status: Outcast, member of Bookworms club


Name: Park Chanyeol
Age: 18
Status: Captain of basketball team


Name: Byun Baekhyun
Age: 18
Status: Kingka, member of Choir club


Name: Luhan
Age: 19
Status: Kingka, top student


Name: Oh Sehun
Age: 16
Status: Member of Choir club


This is a side project of mine! Here's my main account: here. Just trying out for an EXO fic, ehehe. Don't ask why I'm not using my main account. xD hope you enjoy this. I'll try to update... when I can. Story contains , so beware if you're allergic!

Credits to TaeSee from Midnight Fantasyia for the main poster and background.

Working on a new chapter after two months of laziness. c:


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pandapants #1
Oh the feels!! More Kyungmyun and Hunhan please! <3 Kyunggie and Sehunnie are being adorable as always!
AlicePark #2
poor sehun...
I feeel so bad for him...
and baekyeol...
"the height of my heart"
that was... well... it left me wordless
you are actually putting al sm artists little by little xD
read you!!!
shineeforever5 #3
POOR SEHUNNIE :( I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HIM SO MUCH :) "apple, rice and kimchi." that did it. THOSE FOOD. it just made hunnie seem so innocent that I WANNA CUDDLE HIM. Luhan please dont leave hunnie alone :'(

baekyeol. the cuteness of baekhyun and chanyeol is just unimaginable. omg i cant. kyAAAAAA so sweeeet.

awwww kyungmyun. they are just so perfect *sniffs* hehe geek kyungsoo and kingka suho *_* OTP LAND.
AlicePark #4
what happened to sehun to years ago????
he`s so cute...
And Chanyeol!!!!!
He is so funny xD
I LIKE IT:D I REALLYY like your story, it's cute ›.‹ Kekeke~ Now I know Baekhyun likes Yeollie ‹3 lol at Luhans comment, 'No but, you will' xD OMGEE! Joonmyun and Kyungsoo are so cute ›.‹ kekeke~ Wow, They have so many fangirls :o I wonder if Chanyeol likes Baekhyunnie...? He's so oblivious so I don't think he does, D: well atleast not yet. ;) Aww, Sehunnie ›.‹ It's okay :D Luhan to the rescue! I'm glad Luhan showed up right then, I thought he had left Sehunnie >.< The HunHan couple gives off the pure and innocent feel :3

Kyah! Baekhyun was so cute being dragged around by Chanyeol >.< kekeke Their so adorable OMG MY FEELS!!!~~~ Yeollie trying to get Bacons attention in class :3

This is so good! ^^ You just got another subscriber! :DDD ☆★Hwaiting!★☆
AlicePark #6
yeah!! I like it ^^
I love the chanyeol
and the relationship between suho and D.O. is funny...
Sehun is SO sweet!!!!!!!!
and Luhan well.. luhan is luhan xD
I`ll be waiting for the next chapter
AlicePark #7
seems intereresting....
I`ll be waiting the first chapter...