I Just Want You Be Happy



Cast : Hyuna, Hyunseung, BEAST, 4Minute, SNSD and other Kpop artist




“Maybe I will never be by your side again. But, this is the right choice for us. You must promise to me you will always smile. One thing I want to say is ‘I Love You’. I beg you to forget me after this and come to her. I just want you to be happy. Please take care of yourself.”


Kim Hyuna is a girl who lived in Paris after her family move from Seoul because of her parents moved to Paris to work. After 2 years live in there, both her parents had died in a accident and told her to returned to Seoul and stayed with her father bestfriend. She will live in Jang family.


Jang Hyunseung is a handsome boy lived in Seoul with his parent and his sister. He ia a student in Cube Elite High School. He is a kingka and a Students Chairman in his school. Many girls in his school want to be his girlfriend but he never think about a girl. He always focuse with his study.


“Hey! where is your eyes?  You see my handphone fall and broken because of you, you must responsible!” Hyunseung angry.
“I’m sorry, I’m in hurry. I must find a person, he didn’t come until now and I’m worried. I will responsible about your handphone but not now, Bye.” Hyuna said.
“Yah! Crazy girl, don’t leave.” Hyunseung yelled at her and sigh, “Aish! That girl.”


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mysticlove81 #1
Chapter 13: Author-nim, I just want to say that this story is amazing hope you update soon
xxxx1230 #2
Chapter 13: author-nim, you're daebak! Love ur story~~ it's cute and interesting~
just saying, i think if there will be a girl who is the third side, it will be more interesting~ ahaha, I like jealous hyuna~ :p
thank you~ I'm waiting for the update.. fighting! ^^
lifessointeresting #3
Chapter 13: Update pleaaase!
wildandyoung #4
Chapter 13: who is 'her'?
ifyouseeann #5
Waaahh~ Author-nim !! ^_^ Your fanfic is so cute !! >.< My 2Hyun feels again .. T.T Please update soon !! XD
Chapter 10: I like it when they are there to comfort each other. Hyunseung teased hyuna, that was cute!
Chapter 10: Hyunseung so kind to Hyuna ^^ he almost buy all the dress for her XD
Chapter 9: yah Seungie ah, who is the "you" in your POV? i'm curious to know
update soon~
Syahsah92 #9
Chapter 9: yea you already update
i’m curious.....are hyunseung have a girlfriend before?
Syahsah92 #10
Chapter 9: yea you already update
i’m curious.....are hyunseung have girlfriend berore?