He's a , and He Thinks I'm Gay



In South Korea, there lay the most prestigious academy where only the riches and the most talented students can attend.  You, Jung Eun Ji,  just came back from US and went for a singing audition in the school. Because of a certain accident that happened in the US, you had short hair and the examiner accepted you as a male student in the school. (Apparently, your s weren't big too.)

Jung Eun Ji. 17 years old. Male.

You thought that it doesn’t matter as long as you got a nice grade and a graduating certificate so you didn’t bother to acknowledge that you were actually a girl.

You got in the music department where the Kingka and the Queenka of the school resides.

It wasn’t a problem at first.

Until you started rooming with the Kingka.

To make matters worse, you are actually engaged to him. 


A/N: Had to rewrite my forward again because something happened. wtf, spoidhgodihioghshs! Anyway, check out my first fic here if you haven't! 





Jung Eun Ji

-17 years old

-Heir to the Jung company in Korea. Which makes her the richest girl in Korea.

-Cold and heartless on the outside, kind and caring in the inside.

-Had long hair but cut it short due to some reasons.

-Male student in a mix school even though she's a girl

-Has a talent for singing.



Xi Luhan

-18 years old

-Heir to the Xi company in Asia, which also makes him the richest Chaebol.

-Mysterious and dark.

-Soft-hearted in the inside.

-ic towards Eun Ji

-Talent for singing and dancing

-Has a girlfriend who is the biggest on earth - Miyoung

So sorry guys. But chapter 19 is NOT rated M. I didn't click that button but some how that M word appear. So if it appears again, just leave it! :)

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Chapter 23: The sit up scene is such an iconic thing, I love
Chapter 52: I finished reading this in one go.. my eyes hurt from straining looking at the screen. But it was worth it. Thank you authornim <3
Chapter 34: Wha... wha... nooooo T_T
Chapter 25: Her dress has pockets? Nicee! XD
Chapter 1: First chapter and i'm hooked!
Chapter 52: Awwww soooooooo cuuuttteeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this story ♡♡♡♡
154 streak #7
Chapter 52: It's so adorable!!!! Can't believe I haven't read this before!!!!
Chapter 22: you know, i liked the story.. the story line is great but.
but its flown really fast and that make the story weird.. like when i read it, "what the f.." words will come out.. sometimes the scene is nonsense also..
hope you do better ! sorry if my words are harsh somehow.. goodluck !
good job!!
_libbon2 #10
Chapter 52: Woow congrats on ur featured !!!