Sulli's New BoyFriend

You left me.

Sulli & Taemin : WHAT ?!

Taemin POV *

We got out from the room. Sulli's face was like "I can't take my breath"

Taemin: Relax relax.

I calmed her.

Sulli: There's a lot of people out there, but why me ?

Taemin: Cause you got the highest score.

Sulli: highest? 

Taemin: Should I spell it for you? H I G H E S T

Sulli: I did right? but but how bout' the second person who got the highest score teach you?

Taemin: He left remember ?

Sulli: He did ~ *sighed


After School *

I saw Minho walked, but with Sulli. Ugh ! They can't be together ! 

Taemin: They can't ! *I shout.

Minho hyung and Sulli saw me.

Minho: Oh, Taemin ! Let's walk together.

Taemin: Okay !

I saw Sulli make the "don't you dare come join us" face. I ignored her. Wait ?! What did I say just now? "They can't be together?" I'm not dreaming am I ?

Taemin: Hyung! Pinch my arm.

Minho pinch me but I don't think it's a dream.

Taemin: Pinch my arm  again.

Minho: Owh ? Again ?

Taemin: Yes ! Again !

Suddenly, Sulli pinched me stronger. 

Taemin: Ouch ! It hurts !

Sulli: Better right ?

Minho hyung and Sulli laughed. It does hurt but seeing Sulli laughed was totally make my heart melt. Wait, WHAT ? Heart melt? Ewww, am I really dreaming? Should I tell Sulli to pinch me again? Grr.



Taemin kept telling Minho hyung pinch his arm. It's totally annoying. So, I pinch his arm harder. He was really angry, haha. He's kinda cute when he get's angry. Wait, CUTE ? What am I saying? Should I tell Minho to pinch my cheeks. No..

Minho: Guys, how bout' we bought ice cream and played at the playground before going home? It's still early.

Sulli: Great idea !

Taemin: Whatever.


At the playground *

We put our bag on the bench. I sat on the swings. We didn't bought ice cream yet.

Minho: You guys stay here, I'll buy ice cream.

Sulli: No ! I'll buy.

I didn't want to stay here with Taemin. It will be awkward.

Minho: What ice cream flavor ?

Minho ignore me.

Sulli & Taemin: Luxury hazelnut ice cream !

We looked at each other. What ? Same ice cream? He must been stalking me. Grr..

Minho: Oh? You guys, since I knew you, you guys never change you're ice cream flavor. From kid till' now.

What? From kid ? He's not stalking me then.  Minho left us TWO. I played the swing by myself and ignore Taemin.



Sulli play the swings by her self. She ignores Taemin by looking at the sky.

Sulli: Woah ~! The stars really shine tonight.

Taemin went to the other swing besides Sulli. Sulli felt awkward but she kept looking at the sky.

Taemin: It is right?

Sulli kept thinking "Where is Minho Oppa? It's getting awkward without him"

Taemin: Do you like stars ?

Sulli: Don't ask me a stupid question, of course I like them.

Taemin: That one is you. The left one ! There, it doesn't shine much.

Taemin was pointing at the left star. It didn't shine much, and small.

Sulli: Yah! If that's me, yours is.... That one ! The right one. Really really far away from mine.

Taemin: But it does shine.

Sulli: Yes, and it's far away from mine.

Taemin's face was really angry, in his heart he was saying "Why does my star is really far away from her? It should be that! That big shining star and closer to her's, wait... What am I saying right now? That's the best star she choose for me. I mean it's far away from hers and shines".

Sulli: Should we choose for Minho Oppa too?

Taemin: Whatever.

Sulli: Then, it should be that one !

Taemin: Where ?

Sulli: There ! The big and shining one ! Besides my star.

Taemin pretend like he didn't saw Minho's star. In his heart "Grr.. That one should be mine !"

HORN HORN* They heard a horn it's Victoria Unnie and her boyfriend

Sulli: Owh ? Unnie !

Sulli ran towards the car, Taemin followed her.

Sulli: Unnie, oppa ? Where are you going?

Nichkun: I'm going to take your sister out. That will be okay, right Sulli?

Sulli: Of course ! 

Victoria : Owh ? Who's that Sulli? 

Sulli was about to speak but then Taemin speak first.

Taemin: Hello, my name is Taemin. I'm her new... a.. new... BOY FRIEND !

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airapaulene #1
Chapter 26: OMG!!!! these story is realy great:D
just finish to read this fanfic and it's so beautiful
Oh my gosh sulli has 10 brothers and 4 sisters O_o
eyqasong #4
love this story..
firnash #6
Thank you (-: I don't I write any fanfics after this. This is the last ! Thanks, byeeee !
-xMomo #7
Waaaaaaa love the ending ! It's awesome ^^ do more !
firnash #8
Hee (-: Thank you
New subscriber here ^^ Nice story maaan ~ The Awesome Camp are so awesome ! S M A C K ! That's gotta be hurt maan ~ U P D A T E S O O N ^^
firnash #10
Well, you know, Minhyuk is a guy, he can just change (-: