yesung and jiyeon are dating? ring and [email protected] o @


chiếc nhẫn và cái vòng ( ring and ring ) 



they are dating??????everyone thought like?

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I don't believe that Yesung is dating her because of the rings. He has a lot of bracelets since he debuted and so many rings. But to claim that he dates Jiyeon I refuse to believe not just because I am jealous because he never said anything about it. That black ring is the Super Junior ring that he always wears.
ElfishClouds #2
interesting >...<' congratz to my little jongwoon and jiyeon !
Samona #3
Also about the video:
1. Yesung isn't the only SJ member there. So is Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.
2. Also it's not just Jiyeon there, all of T-ara was there(or at least half of them).
3. Yesung spend most of him time trying to find out the dance moves by looking at the person in front of him, or at Leeteuk who was next to him.
4. Yesung only talked to Leeteuk throughout the dance. And said 'good job' to like fours people while on their way off stage.

So I won't use the video as proof.
Also, if I were you, I won't believe these rumors because they just lead to misunderstands. Wait until some official news is released from a Super Junior or T-ara Representative.
Or it'll be like the whole Eunhyuk and IU thing. Yes, they look adorable together, but it's so obvious out of this world that IU only has eyes for Taeyang at the moment. XD
Samona #4
I doubt it.
The ring that Yesung wears is a Super Junior ring, not a regular ring.
And Yesung ALWAYS wears bracelets. So you can't really use that against him. He has a couple of bracelets that you might see other k-pop stars wearing
siiiiiiiii love yeyeon