Unconditional Love


.. do you believe in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE???

.. did you experience loving someone that you shouldn't be inlove with ..

.. is it because she/he is a member of your family ??..

..or it's just she/he only treat's you like his/her family and nothing more than that??..

.. Who would have tought that closeness and friendship in to a person can turn to LOVE.???..

.. is he/she is not the right person to own your heart .???


 . annyeong B2UTIES..! this is my first story here .. so hope you will like it .. you can request and suggest stories too..^^

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celebrateme #1
i like the plot, subbed :DD
ynnaloveB2ST #3
. ok ..i will . i'm starting to arrange the story..<br />
. it's just a teaser .. dun't worry .i will update as soon as possible .^^
update soon..