Kang Hana (17) is not the type of person who likes to interact with other people. It’s not that she hates them – no, she just has no trust on them. She thinks of people as if everyone is a liar, and she’s not supposed to trust them to avoid heart-breaks.

Because she already had one, at a younger age, that hurts her so much until her heart breaks into pieces. And after that, she didn’t bother to make friends anymore. She didn’t trust anyone.

And that’s why; she always seemed to be alone. She walks to school just by herself, she sits alone at lunch, and she never talks to anyone if it’s not necessary. She’s isolating herself.

But today is her seventeenth birthday. And after years of being lonely, for once, just for once, she doesn’t want to let loneliness creeps into her through her skin anymore. Just for once, she doesn’t want to feel lonely. Just for today, she doesn’t want to be alone.

She visits some of her favorite places that day, hoping that she will find something – or someone who can accompany her for the rest of the day – or maybe longer.


Well, hi everyone!

I'm new in this site and this is my very first story I write in here. The story is just a oneshot, because this is the first time I try to write in English ^^. This story is focused on a girl, who isolate herself from other people for a long time, and the time comes when she suddenly thinks that she misses interacting with other people. Share her stories with others, and share her love too.

Then, I pick Kyungsoo as her company. I love EXO-K, and I think Kyungsoo is the best for this story. He has a quiet personality and maybe, just maybe he can understand Hana and befriend her, and help her believing that sometimes, trusting someone is not that bad.

And who knows, maybe Kyungsoo will be a little bit more talkative than he was before!

So this is my very first oneshot, enjoy and comments! :D


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You are absolutely right to put Kyungsoo as the boy character. I mean.. like.. Kyungsoo made it perfect! I like it, so much. not too cheesy for me, I usually dislike it when something goes way too cheesy ^^ anyway this is nice, Keep Writing :)
ndmnds #2
@LuHaan: thank youu! :--D
@philphil: Hehehe, i will, thankss! ;-)
philphil #3
That was amazing, so cute! XD