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Morning came fast. It's 4 o'clock in the morning and everyone's having a sweet dream on their own tents. Kris is sharing the tent with Tao, Luhan with Xiumin, Chen with Lay, Baekhyun wth Chanyeol, Sehun with Kai and Suho with D.O. Since there's no one among the girls who would like to share the tent with you, you ended up sharing with Ms. Hwang.
You slept past 12 because you had to listen to Ms. Hwang's own love story. She seemed pretty broke when his boyfriend dumped her so you could'nt help but to comfort her 'til she fell asleep.
In the middle of a peace environment, a siren suddenly started wailing and everyone's eyes shot open. 
Chanyeol sat up pointing to Baekhyun who's groaning beside him.
Watching his bestfriend panic, Baekhyun gave Chanyeol a look. "Chanyeol. What are you dreaming of?"
Gathering his senses, Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun.
"I don't even wanna talk about it"
"Alright everyone! Time to get up!!", Mr. Jung announced through the megaphone. With the noise, everyone's definitely awake.
Kai lazily dragged himself to the main cottage followed by Sehun. "Isn't it too early?", he asked with his eyes still closed.
"We have to do a morning exercise!", Suho beamed at the sleepy boy.
Kai sighed, "Hyung. It's not even morning yet"
On the other hand, Sehun is looking around for you. "Sonsaengnim's not here yet?", he rubbed his scalp.
"Attendance check! Is everyone already here?", Ms. Hwang asked.
"Ah. Sonsaengnim! Eun Hae's not yet here!", Sehun exclaimed.
Ms. Hwang's mouth formed into an 'O'. "Mr. Oh, Can you kindly check her out in our tent?"
Sehun nodded with a smile before heading back to the tents.

Meanwhile, you were sleeping with a pillow on your face, dreaming of a place where you're dancing in a huge stage. People were applauding at your movements. Your performance ended and your celebrity crush, Shin Won Ho welcomed you with a hug right when you went to the backstage.
"Oppa. Can I hug you forever?", you tightened your embrace.
"Ofcourthe you can"
You pushed Shin away from you and was surprised to see that it was Sehun. He's grinning with his nostrils widely opened. 
"Sonsaengnim. Kith me", Sehun puckered his lips as he was stepping closer to you.
Your eyes shot open. You were breathing heavily. The moment your vision started to clear up,  you were shocked to see Sehun on top of you.
"Hi sonsaengnim"
Sehun covered your mouth. "Quiet down Sonsaengnim!"
"Calm down okay??", he whispered in your ear which made you scared even more. You bit his hand and kicked him hard in the stomach.
You screamed on the top of your lungs as you ran out of the tent leaving Sehun behind.
" RAAAAAAAAAAAPEEE!!" you screamed, running your way to the cottages.
Suho and the rest of Exo ran to you. "What happened?", Suho asked.
"Eun Hae! Why are you screaming.... ?" Luhan asked. "What's ?"
Lay smacked Luhan at the back of his head. "Lulu. You're about to graduate in high school, yet, you doesn't know what means?", Lay clicked his tounge. "It means that the fruit is now fully developed. . Got it?"
This time, Kris smacked Lay. "Yixing. That's RIPE not ."
"Oh. Ripe..", Lay rubbed the back of his head.
"Gege. What is ?", Tao asked Kris.
"Well, is a crime of forcing someone to submit to a ual against his or her will", Kris said in the Einstein way. Tao's eyes sparkled.
"Gege. Will you me?"
"PFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!", Chanyeol spat his coffee.
Kris' face grew red. "Zitao! That's not appropriate! Don't you say that again, alright?"
Tao sighed. "Yes gege.."
"So, Eunhae.. who's going to you?", Baekhyun asked.
"Sehun..... he..... was..... uncon.. trollable", you said under your breath.
Exo's eyes widened. "SEHUN??"
Hearing that familiar voice, you quickly hid behind Chanyeol. "Hide me. The is coming"
12 heads turned to Sehun's direction.
"Suho-hyung! Have you seen Sonsaengnim?", Sehun asked the confused leader.
"Eun Hae? She's ri-", before Chanyeol could even point you out, you pinched his back. "Aw!"
Sehun looked at him curiously, "Aw?" 
Chanyeol blinked. "Oh. Nothing HEHEHEHE."
"Hhmm. You're looking for Eun Hae?" Suho asked. Sehun nodded. "I havent seen her around. I thought you're supposed to pick her up?"
"Well.... about that..", he rubbed the back of his head. "Right when I entered her tent.I tripped over something and fell on top of her."
"Oooh", Exo cooed.
"The moment she opened her eyes she started screaming. She bit my hand and kicked me on the stomach before running out of the tent, screaming, 'RAAAAAAAAAAPE RAAAAAAAAPE!', like a pig." , he immitated the way you were screaming earlier.
You pushed Chanyeol out of your way.
"SONSAENGNIM!!!", Sehun hugged you. "YOU WERE THERE ALL THE TIME? Are you a ninja or something?"
"Pabo...", you chuckled. "oh, and sorry about earlier."
Sehun shook his head. "It's nothing. It's my fault anyway."
"For a moment I thought our Sehun really turned into a ", Suho laughed.
"He may look like one but he isn't. Right maknae?", Chanyeol asked. Sehun gave his hyung a look.
"Is that even a compliment?"
Chanyeol laughed.
"HAHAHAHAHA! OFCOURSE.............. it isnt."
"Alright guys! It's time for our morning exercise!", Mr. Jung beamed. 
"Hey guys. Let's go back to our lines now.", Suho and Kris announced in chorus.
"See you later Saem!", Sehun waved before running back to their own place.



Lame update.

But hey! Im back after 2 months! I've been busy dancing lately. >.< Sorry for the long wait! <3



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Chapter 21: hwaiting authornimm
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