Sunmi a young super star, at the age of 15 she began her music career. She is well known, as Korea little sister, but at the age of 17 she turns from innocent image to the mature concept. Many males fan are attracted to Sunmi, they even donated money in the name of her. As attention grows, so does her attitude. With her relationship with Yiyong they have to secret;y date, and it's getting into her nerves ,Her life becomes loney, and exhausting, her friends from school are fading away from her, as her schedule interferes with her school and social life. Soon, her company decided that she would have one year off as a normal person, and live a normal life,but her company want's her to transfer to a school with less people who know who she is, so she transfer her to a little village school, but even though it's in a small little village, that school is a well known school in Korea. Her manager rent a house in the village, next to the most active household in the village. In the first day of school, she meets Hongki, and Sohee

Name: Sunmi

Age: 17

Korea well most well known celebrity who earns tons of money each year. Her parent's and little brother died in a car accident, nowhere to go she decides to try out singing. She audition in the most well known company, and got train ever since 7 years old, and debuted at the age of 15. Now at the age of 17 she loses distance with her friends, and her celeb. friends are too busy to spend time with each other, she starts to get depression over from the stress. Luckily she gets her time off, so she can concentrate on her education in a small village where not a lot of media news go on, so she won't be disturb in anyway, she even use a fake name in the school, people would call her Sunny. With a manager that treat her as her own daughter, the manager rents a house for her at a small village. With her crazy personality and IQ would anyone notice that she is Sunmi?


Name: Hongki

Age: 17

The neighbor son who livesnext to Sunmi, he has this bright personality in school, that brings everyone laughing. He would often go into a small building, and have a band practice for the fun of it.


Name: Jiyong

Age: 17

One of the famous celebrity, he is talented in composing music and lyrics. He had the courage to ask Sunmi out, they have a tight relationship, he would spend his breaks with Sunmi.


Name: Sohee

Age: 17

A young innocent girl who lives in the center of the village, but Sohee mother died in a car crash one year ago, now she is living with her dad. She is known as the most quite student in the school, well people go near her she would walk away or ignore them. Her behaviors are really mysterious, you won't know what she would do next.

Name: Yoona

Age: 18

Yoona is in Korea most well known girl group SNSD, she is one of Sunmi best friends in the industry, but she has records of treating people bad, but to Sunmi those bad things is her funny moment.


Name: Ahn

Age: 50

Hongki's most well love dad, who works as a fisherman in the village, the thing that he cherish most is his family. Ever since the lost of his beloved daughter, he finally opens up to himself, thanks to his son.

Name: Im ye

Age: 48

Hongki's mother who stays at home as the house wife, enjoying her every moment of life ever since her daughter died in a car accident. She would never be the same if Hongki wasn't there to cheer her up. That is why she is really picky when it comes to Hongki's girlfriend.

Name: Woomin

Age: 49

The small village cheif (dad of Sohee), who cares a lot about his kid, but Sohee doesn`t know. He does not know how to express his love to Sohee. His heart has be shatter ever since Sohee mother pass away in a tragic drowning accident, but when he is drunk he can do anything.


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