When our love dies


They were four friends.

    She was a part of the gang

        She liked him.

            He's part of the gang

                And he's taken............




But worst of all........ he's taken by her best friend


And what else is, she cant control her empathy.


Eun Song. 

Lee Eun Song. That's how she likes to be called. She never told anyone that her true name was Marie Kimberly Lee. 

It was too bogus. Too....... American.


Big difference? I know. She's not prettier than Taeyeon, and she's not any thinner than Taeyeon, but she is more comfortable than Taeyeon.

Eun Song is the school's clown. She's multitalented and is very smart. But she's fat.


That's what propably keeping her from being asked out. And that's propably what stopped HIM from asking her out.


Donghae and Eun Song were inseperable. Ofcourse along with Onew and Taeyeon, but Donghae and Eun Song were always in their own little world.

- Exchanging jokes only they can understand. 

- They have the ability to laugh at the most serious/awkward situation.

- They both have empathy


Empathy is the main point of their closeness. They know what other people are feeling, what they are thinking and can send them telepathic messages.


They tried it with their classmate in 3rd grade once, but it ended up wrong. The teacher thought that the child was schizophrenic. After that incident, Taeyeon and Onew made them promise to never let their secret float over their thin film of a secret.

Eventually Eun Song and Donghae agreed. But after that they started drifting apart. Sure they still tell jokes to each other and talk in their own language but there were still times when there were awkward silences. 


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