My Gay Fiancé



If you’re going to ask Lee Hae Rin about her life, she’ll answer you a 4-letter word.

GOOD? Nope.
FINE? Of course not.
NICE? Nuh-uh.

Words given were far from the truth because it’s


Since the day she was born, she was living like a puppet and her parents were the controllers. They were the ones who always decide for her like the course she should take, the friends she should have, and even the dress she should wear. ALL, again, ALL were her parents’ choices.

She had nothing to do but nod and always say yes to everything they said. And that’s it, she has no freedom.

But what if they became too much and even decided for the one she should marry and have a child with?

Will she still have the courage to say yes?

Title: My Gay Fiancé
Author: leechakwang
Characters: Lee Haerin (You), Kim Kibum (Key)
Rating: PG15+ for language, mild ual references, and obscene humor

© leechakwang 2012. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of leechakwang.


“Haerin, tomorrow, leave the office to your uncle because we have something to talk about with Mr. Park. Do you still remember him? He’s our business partner. He’s going to our house with his son, Jinsu. Understand?” My mother said. I was talking to her on the phone.

“What exactly are we going to talk about? And why bring Mr. Park’s son?” I asked, still puzzled on what my parents were asking me to do. Why would they ask me to leave the office? If I do, well that’ a first.

Don’t tell me…

“We’re going to set the date and place of your marriage with Mr. Park’s son. It is better to be planned soon,” my mother said, not changing her tone.

What the hell? Even my love life? This is too much! This is something personal and they don’t have the right to decide for whom I should spend my life with.

“But…” I was about to protest when I heard mumbling sound on the background. Someone heaved a sigh, and I knew that my daddy took over the phone.

“You should be ready tomorrow, hear?” her daddy asked with his usual tone, demanding and powerful.

“But Daddy, this is too much…” I was just about to explain when he cut me off.

“No more buts. We just decide what’s best for you,” my daddy said. What’s best for me? Really? But why I couldn’t feel it?

“But, I already have a boyfriend,” I said. Where the hell did I get those words?

“Why didn’t you tell us about it? But then, you should break up with him,” Daddy told me and I could notice that his voice was rising. Wew, he’s getting pissed.

“BUT, I couldn’t break up with him. I love him so much and in fact… he’s my fiancé,” I explained. What? I have a fiancé? Why do I have a reckless mouth?

I heard another round of mumbling and my mom had taken over the phone this time. “What are you saying? We have no time for your silly jokes, Haerin,” she said, with a sarcastic laugh at the end.

“You think I’m playing around? But mom, I’m serious. I really love him and nothing can separate us, even you!” I said as I put down the phone.

Face. Palm.

What have I done? I didn’t just lie to them, but also made them pissed. What the hell am I going to do next?

The phone rang again and I was very sure that this is either my mom or dad. And this time, it’s my dad. “If you really have a fiancé, mind bringing him home and present him to us,” he said and I heard him sighed.

“Yes, Daddy,” and I gulped. I put the phone down slowly while gathering back my thoughts.

My eyes widened after realizing a big problem I’ve just started. I have no choice but to do what I’ve just said to them.

I called my assistant. “Yes, ma’am?”

“Find me a fiancé!”

“A fiancé?” my assistant asked, confused.

“Yes, a fiancé. But find a gay one since I’m comfortable with them,” I explained while replacing the folders in my table.

Noticing my assistant didn’t move from her position, I eyed her and scowled. “What are you still doing? Hurry and find me a fiancé right away!”


Author's Note || Hello AFF chingus~! This is my first ever multi-chapter fanfic, starring SHINee's Key! It's confusing, right? Since I'm a beauty, why would I write about SHINee? Well, it's also a mystery for me to answer. Hehe...

Have fun reading! ^^

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Sounds great!!!!
SHINee_lover092391 #2
This sounds good! Kaylan nyo po ito i upupdate?
hahaha... this is sooo funny! gonna update soon, yeah? ^^
"Find me a fiance" hehehe
Nice start ^^
KpopIsMyLife23 #5
Omo! I love how you started your fanfic ! :)
Sounds fun... Looking forward to the next update!