Vivid Pigments of my Mind || Accepting Requests||


A gallery of my assortments of graphics. 


Hola. Mary here. I decided that I would get back into tumblr editing this will just be here for my random tumblr edits and posters for challenges or something....I dunno....whatever I feel like =P 

Since I closed my shop, I may take a few requests here and there.

Please subscribe and comment <3 

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Chapter 11: Don't be so hard on yourself. Everything you do is wonderful. Just, different styles. <3
Chapter 13: unghhhhh this poster is perf af <3
How to request? And does this somehow have payment-ish things? I've seen your work and its cool :)
I'd like to ask how this all poster request thing works. I want to do a request.
Frostneko #5
Chapter 5: OMGGG!!! You're accepting requests :D It's been so long since I got back to aff so I'm kinda late but but, kyaaa I def have to send my request since I love you and your works!
Chapter 5: Question: do u take draft modes? Since mines in editing mode
Chapter 18: I seriously LOVE my poster. It's better than I have thought. Thank you much!
ilovejooo #8
Chapter 2: hi. your graphics are cool. can i make a request?
Chapter 10: I'm kinda new to the request for posters so i'm not sure what Tumblr posters mean? But I really want a poster for my fanficcc ---> Just One Night? I just want to ask if it's possible?
Hi thr, I pick up~ It was so cute and beautiful. I totally fall in love with the poster! You are the best! Thank so much:D
And, all the best for you^^