The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East


Karam woke up, he stretched his body a little on his firm rock hard…..THAT’S NOT A PILLOW!!! He flung his eyes open and felt his entire bodies blush, realizing he was in Siwons arms. He watched the man sleep peacefully with a slight smile on his lips. Karam felt his own smile. He wiggled softly out of his arms and adjusted his covers.


Karam went downstairs and looked for Jae . He giggled seeing Jae in the kitchen with Heechul eating pickles dipped in ice cream.


“Karam sweetie how was your rest?” Jae said seeing Karam come in.


“It was good I feel very refreshed.” He said smiling.


Karam sat down and joined them but only himself having some fruit. He semi gagged at the pregnancy craving the two had.


“Yah, how is that even good it’s just unnatural” Karam giggled.


“Yeah cause we are all about natural “ Heechul chuckled.


Jae and Karam laughed along and resumed eating.


“Omo it’s near noon, I need to go get ready for the next training session, Karam your going to be helping this time too” Heechul smiled.


“BWOAH?..But I..I” Karam studdered.


“Your family now, and we all talked and decided you needed some defenses mortal or not” Heechul smiled as Jae patted his back.


“No worries Karam” Jae smiled.


Heechul dunked a pickle in the ice cream stuck it in his mouth and ran off searching for Hangeng.


“Should I go wake Won…er Siwon?” Karam asked Jae.


“Mmmm deh, I would. And Karam don’t be nervous, we all use nicknames here, never be afraid to show you love him” Jae said motherly.


“Kamsamnida, Jae. I will go awaken him now; I am going to bring him some fruit. I think the energy will be much needed” Karam smiled.


Karam made a dish of fruits and headed up to the shared room, he gently opened the door and felt his smile grow seeing his beloved still snuggled in his bed. He quietly snuck over to the bed and sat down lightly. He stuck one of the grapes in his mouth.


Siwon felt the shift in the bed and his eyes fluttered open. He looked up seeing his adorable ladybug smiling at him.


“How. How long was I asleep for?” Siwon asked rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Not long Wonnie, but it’s near noon and I know you have a lot to do for the training. I brought you some of your favorite fruits” Karam said smiling setting the plate in between them.


“Wow you remembered my love for mangos” Siwon smiled plucking a piece of mango from the dish and popping it in his mouth.


“I never forgot” Karam said blushing.


Siwon felt his own blushing and quickly made an effort to cover it.  He popped another piece of fruit in his mouth and stood up stretching.


Karam felt sad at the loss of Siwons closeness. He popped a grape in his teeth and squished it.


Siwon giggled at the small strand of juice that traveled down off of Karam’s pouting lips. He wanted to taste that grape more than anything. He decided to take the risk. He crawled over the bed to Karam and got about an inch away from his face. He carefully cupped the boy’s face and gently let the tip of his tongue the stream off his lip and chin, before capturing his lips in a sweet kiss.


Karam froze he in fact felt paralyzed. The closeness, the feeling of Siwons tounge on his lip and skin, the kiss. He couldn’t comprehend the feeling that came over him. He was so used to being a toy, that when actual love and natural touch was on him he did the only thing he knew how to. Blush and remain quiet.


“Ladybug you ok…Minhae I was being to forward “ Siwon said touching the boys cheek.


“Aniyo, Wonnie, it was just very….” Karam blushed and hid his face.


“Very what hun?” Siwon asked curious.


“Hot” Karam squeaked and hid his embarrassed face in his hands.

Siwon moved closer and lifted his head looking into his eyes.  He gently moved the hair from his soft skin.


“I agree ladybug you are” Siwon smiled pecking him on the lips softly.


Karam felt like if he blushed any harder he would literally implode, so he got up and smiled.


“We better head down before they think we fell asleep again” Karam said grabbing the doorknob only to be pulled into Siwons arms.


“I love you my beautiful ladybug, so very much” Siwon said holding him tight.


“I love you too Wonnie” Karam said nuzzling into his chest inhaling his scent.


With almost cat like reflexes and superhuman strength, Siwon turned and hoisted Karam on his back. Karam giggled and wrapped his arms around his shoulders.


“Off we go deh?” Siwon chuckled.


“Deh, giddyup horsey” Karam giggled. Siwon smirked at his cute joke.


They headed downstairs and waited for everyone to gather before heading out.


“Hannie wake up” Heechul said poking his sleeping husband.


Hannie was indeed awake but felt like giving Chullie a bit of a hard time. He knew he risked his limbs doing so, but he did anyways.


“HAN GENG!!!! UP NOW!!”Chullie said smacking him on the with a pillow.


Chullie was suddenly pulled down onto the bed and into Hangengs arms. He couldn’t help but laugh at his husbands’ sneaky ways.


“You know, I almost felt bad that you were too tired, now I just want to beat you up” Chullie said to him.


“Aweee babe, I am honored, but can you beat me up later we got work to do” Hangeng said sitting up.


“Hannie, wait” Chullie said grabbing his arm.




Chullie at that moment just wanted to feel his husbands arms around him he nuzzled into his chest and Hannie smiled wrapping his arms around him kissing his head softly.


“Awww kitty, do you want me to stay for a few more minutes?” Hannie said.


Chullie nodded against his chest and Hangeng smiled laying back on the bed pulling Chullie into his embrace. He ran his fingers over Chullies’ back softly his other hand laced into Chullies. He loved these moments with Chullie they were theirs and theirs alone.


“Babe, I think the baby is removing your diva side.” Hangeng giggled.


“Yah, and replacing it with a chubby side” Chullie frowned.


“Babe you could be 200lbs and I would love you the same, you’re stuck with me” Hangeng smiled, but had to frown a little at his husbands’ worries or pregnancy.



“I wouldn’t want it any other way Hannie, and thank you!” Chullie said softly.




“Loving me through all these years, putting up with my mood swings pre pregnancy and now, and for our baby. I pray to the gods we have a son as handsome as his appa” Chullie said sweetly making Hannies heart melt.


“Or a beautiful daughter, with her Umma’s heart” Hannie said softly kissing Chullies forehead, and for once in the longest time Chullie, the iron face blushed.


“We should get up and get downstairs Hannie deh?” Chullie suggested.


“Mmmm deh, lets go my beautiful husband” Hangeng said standing up reaching his hand out to his husband.


They headed down and joined the rest. Yuhno and Jae were sitting at the table sketching strategies for the plan. Siwon was helping. Karam was quietly sitting next to Siwon, and everyone could see the two holding hands under the table, Siwon only letting go to point something out, and quickly returning. Yoosu were sitting at the table watching and adding in suggestions.  Changmin was sitting with them as well. He was quiet as if he was absorbing everyone’s ideas. He was also absorbing the food in front of him courtesy of Umma.


Jae got up and walked over to the counter to pour a glass of juice, he was sipping the juice when the glass dropped, and he grabbed the counter tightly.


“BABY!!!’” Yuhno said near climbing over the table to get to him. Everyone else rushing to his side.


“Baby what’s wrong, is it the twins” Yuhno cried panicking.


“A..Ani…Ky…” Jae said using Yuhno as a support.


“Is he connecting again?” Yuhno asked and Jae nodded.


Heechul smiled and squeezed Hangengs hand. Karam on the other hand was petrified and Siwon knew it.


“Ladybug, it will be ok relax” Siwon said wrapping his arms around him from behind.


Yuhno lifted Jae to the couch. Jae leaned back still gripping Yuhno’s hand. Everyone remained quiet.



“BabyKy, you have come back!”


“Umma, can you see and hear me?”


“Deh baby I am right here”


“Umma I am scared”


“What is it baby talk to me”


Changmin was cringing and fighting back tears but losing the fight. Karam held his hand out to him and Changmin kindly took it. Siwon smiled.


“Umma, they….they are moving the ritual sooner, they said that I am too whiney and they are sick of me”


“Omo baby, when?”


“in 2 weeks time on Friday, they said they have to travel to get all the nessecary compnents of the sacrifice.”


“Umma please listen to me”


“Go ahead my baby”


“Let them carry on with the sacrifice”



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