New Revelation and a JaeChul PLOT!

The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East


Later that night…..


Everyone was having a relatively calming night. The guardians had all gone back to their dorms, except Hanchul and Siwon. 


The Yoosu couple and Yewook couple went to Yoosu Manor to unpack everything, so no one thought they would see them for a while.


Changmin needed to break away so he went over to the Shinee dorm to hang out with his buddy Minho.


Yunjae were in the nursery putting away clothing and gifts sent to them by family.


“Honey he is fine, don’t worry” Hangeng said to Heechul as he stood by the door of the guestroom it was cracked open.


“Hannie, I feel so connected to him and it worries me what could it mean?” Chullie said with glistening eyes.


“I think it means you’re getting soft in your old age” Hangeng chuckled and Heechul swatted him playfully.


“How about we go get some dinner for everyone, I am sure Jae is tired of cooking everynight for us all.” Heechul smiled.


“Sounds great Hannie lets tell them” Heechul said.


They walked down the hall to the nursery and walked in. Yuhno was sitting on the floor sorting colors and styles. Jae was sitting next to him folding each pile.


“Okay now that is cute” Hangeng giggled.


“We are going to go pick up dinner, since its only the 6 of us tonight I guess.” Chullie said.


“Omo I can cook guys it’s no biggy, I just need to finish..”


“Aniyo honey we got this you just do your Umma thing with your hubby and me and my hubby will be back with food deh?” Chullie giggled.

“Okay, but could you get Italian it sounds so good” Jae blushed.


“Italiano it is!” Hanchul said heading out.


“Yunnie after we finish this we should go pick out some movies to watch, but no horror or sad. I want Karam to laugh and you know we all need it.” Jae smiled folding a tiny little pair of skinnies.


“Deh, so we should choose all comedy, maybe watch videos from our debut” Yuhno giggled.


“Yah no, my face was so round then, I looked like a cherub” Jae blushed.


“A cherub is a baby angel, so your right because look at you now” Yuhno smiled.


“I love you Yunnie” He said.


“I love you too angel” Yuhno kissed Jae’s cheek handing him a cute little pair of sweats.


Down the hall someone was watching Karam sleep. He let his eyes trace his small figure in the large bed. He felt his heart race. He quietly walked downstairs and outside.


Jae and Yuhno finished putting away all the clothes and stood there in each other’s arms looking around the room.


“Yunnie, In 2 months we will be able to find out what we are having you know” Jae said.


“Yep and actually its 1 month and 4 days and as long as they are healthy and happy I will take what the gods give us” Yuhno smiled rubbing Jae’s barely there bump.


They walked downstairs and into the movie room picking out dvd for the night. When they had picked a perfect amount they walked into the sitting room and snuggled on the couch.


“Hey didn’t Wonnie stay behind here?” Jae asked.


“Hmm I thought he did, wonder where he is, ah he probably went with Hanchul.” Yuhno said.


Almost as soon as Yuhno took a breath from the sentence the door opened and Siwon came in smiling.


“Yah speak of the guardian he shall come” Yuhno chuckled.


Jae felt something was on his mind and looked at him with his head tilted. He needed to talk to Siwon.

“Yunnnnie, can you go make me a smoothie, the babies want fruit and they love Appa’s home made ones” Jae made googly eyes at Yuhno who giggled.


“Aigoo Siwon this one is dangerous be careful” Yuhno smiled getting up to make his famous smoothie.


“Want one Wonnie?” Jae asked.


“Sure, but no banana please” He smiled and sat down and Yuhno nodded winking to Jae.


“Okay guardian boy spill it right now!” Jae stood up and plopped down next to Siwon.


“Spill what…what are you….oh crap” Siwon forgot Jae can see things a lot of the time some of it is sporadic sometimes he can get the whole picture. It depends on the person.


“Well, I like someone, and I don’t know if that person will ever like me back, so I am just having a hard time. Plus that person is going through a really hard time right now.” Siwon said.


“Oh my JiJi tell me you’re not liking my Min or KY” Jae asked glaring at Siwon.


“Aish no, goofy someone else and I would rather not talk about it please” He said.


“Okay, I wont pester you but if you ever need to talk or just vent or anything, I am here” Jae said patting his shoulder.


“One Banana, Cherry, Orange Smoothie for me, And one Umma special for my beautiful angel, here ya go, and a Blueberry Pineapple for Uncle Wonnie, here ya go man”   Yuhno smiled sitting down again.


“Ding Dong lovelies we are hereeeee” They heard Chullie yelling from the backdoor.


“Haha he’s a trip” Jae smiled and went into the kitchen to help.


“Come on guys food is ready, Aish Wonnie will you go wake Karam please” Jae asked.


“Uh…S…Sure” Siwon said heading up the stairs.


Jae snapped his fingers and giggled.


“What’s up love?” Yuhno asked.


“Oh nothing just being a silly brain lets go eat” Jae said smiling.



“Yah baby I can hear that, what are you talking about”

“Oh crap sorry Yunnie”

“Something wrong?”

“Um it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone ok”

“Siwon likes Karam, and he is trying to not like him he thinks he’s not in a good place to start anything with Siwon”

“Holyshinki really, and let me guess my beautiful angel, you are going to plot for them?”

“Damn straight, I see it all now, when Siwon held his hand he blushed I figured it was just a normal reaction, or how they always smile at each other I fell off the obvious train I think”

“Awe baby, I will help if you need it”


“Oh for crying out loud when did my head become facebook!”

“kekek sorry Jae, and don’t worry we will help too”

“We are going to do a movie night to cheer Karam up, so lets make it so they sit next to each other deh”

“Chullie can do it he’s good at stuff like that”

“Okay logout of my facebook head please I need to feed my babies and eat myself!”

“I love you baby”

“I love you too Yunnie bear”


The room bursted into simultaneous laughter. As they moved into the dining room.


Siwon came down red faced and Karam soon followed. Siwon avoided looking at him throught the entire dinner.


“Karam did you sleep well?” Yuhno asked. 

 “Deh, I am still very tired, but refreshed if that makes sense” Karam smiled taking a sip of water.


“Well you can stay here tonight Changmin will probably stay at the Shinee dorm, once he and Minho get playing video games and drinking they usually pass out in the early morning hours.” Yuhno smiled.


“Kamsamnida guys I really appreciate all the comfort you are giving me. I feel like I don’t deserve it.” Karam said .


“Nonsense honey your family now there’s no escape from Jae’s fluffiness and Yuhno’s overbearing protectiveness.” Heechul smiled before biting a breadstick and winking.


“After dinner we are going to have a movie night we picked movies we thought you would enjoy Karam, we all need a good relaxing laughter filled night. You and I can make sundaes does that sound good?” Jae asked.


“It sounds perfect Jae hyung Kamsamnida” Karam smiled.


Everyone enjoyed the Italian food, Yuhno and Hangeng and Siwon did the dishes and the others thought it was so cute. They made the sundaes and brought them in to the movie room. Heechul put a plan into action. He was going to make the seating arrangements.  Jae and Heechul took the chairs out of the room leaving only the pillows on the floor. The four of them arranged it so Siwon and Karam were right next to each other. Jae and Heechul giggled.

“Okay first movie is up enjoy guys” Jae said using the remote to shut off the lights and turn on the surround sound.

Karams body felt hot being so close to Siwon. He didn’t want to look like a jerk so he adjust himself so he was lying on his stomach like a kid watching the movie. He didn’t notice Siwon watching him smiling at his slender frame and beautiful legs.

Jae glanced over from Yuhno’s embrace and poked Chullie to look at the other two. Chullie looked and giggled. Mouthing the words  So Cute to Jae who giggled back.


“Jae sorry to log into your facebook mind but Chullie said to tell you to do a horror flick”

“Won’t that worsen his worries”

“Chullie said trust him I would he knows how to make a guy admit defeat”

“Okie I will have Yunnie put one in”


When the first movie ended Yuhno got up and put the movie in Jae had told him to and smiled sitting back down Jae scooting back in between his legs leaning against his chest.


The movie was about ¼ of the way in when something super scary happened and Karam jumped up falling into Siwon who gracefully grabbed him. They both turned red.

“Ss.Sorry Siwon Hyung” Karam studdered.


“You okay Karam?” He asked.


“Deh, that was just a bit scary” he said.


“Well if you will feel better you can sit closer to me.” Siwon said thankful the dark hid his blushing.


Karam nodded and scooted right up against Siwon, who felt his entire body burn. He smiled at the warm sweet guy next to him and they both turned their attention back to the movie.   Another scene was coming up and Heechul poked Jae.     He mouthed watch.


In the Scene it was a visual nightmare, and Karam jumped hiding his face in Siwons chest. Siwon smiled and d his hair softly.                                                


“Oh i…i…im sorry Siwon I am such a chicken when it comes to this stuff.” Karam said backing off him.


The loss of his body against his made Siwon pout. Heechul had to cover his mouth holding back giggles. Jae was too engrossed into playing with Yuhno’s fingers.



They resumed their positions and watched more of the movie, each and every scary moment pulled Karam closer to Siwon.   Siwon decided to take a risk and moved his hand down to Karams and laced his fingers into Karams. Karam blushed and felt his body tense but he didn’t pull away and Siwon smiled at the acceptance.

The movie was soon over and Yuhno put in another movie of the same style.  Siwon gave Karams hand a squeeze and nodded for him to follow him outside. Karam acknowledged it.


“Be right back guys we are going to go get some drinks” Siwon studdered.


“Yah, have fun with those *cough* drinks” Heechul giggled.


They went into the kitchen and Karam reached up pulling out 6 glasses setting them down on the counter. Siwon came up behind him essentially trapping him between Siwon and the counter. Karam giggled as he poured the fruit blended juice into the cups. Siwons breath against his neck was almost unbearable. But he was scared to say anything.


Siwon returned the pitcher to the fridge and smiled helping Karam put them on a tray. Karam went to start walking to the movie room, when Siwon gently grabbed his hand.

Karams heart froze, yet it raced. He was in complete shock. Siwon pulled him closer to his chest.


“Karam, I need to tell you something important, please” He said looking down at the boy.


“Okay hyung tell me is something wrong?” Karam said trying to not squeal like a fangirl.


“Well I like someone and I don’t know if this person likes me too, and I don’t want to feel rejection. What do you think I should do?” He asked


Karam felt his heart break. He looked down at the floor and in a deep breath. He was used to being left alone. What was another one?


“You should just go for it. I say just get close to the person and kiss them sweetly, if they object your answer will be in the kiss” Karam said trying not to cry.


“Thank you Karam, now lets get back to the movie deh?”  Siwon said smiling taking the tray.


“Deh hyung” Karam said following with his head lowered. He swore he felt his heart literally crying.


They handed out the drinks and went back to the way they were sitting before. Siwon even tried to hold Karams hand again, but Karam pulled away. Siwon frowned. He didn’t realize his plan was falling apart. He needed to do what Karam said. He needed to know.


He poked Karam on the shoulder and when Karam turned to face him he gently cupped his chin and captured his lips. Siwon fully expected Karam to slap him or push him away. But he was delighted when he felt Karam kiss back. Siwon put his hands on each side of Karams face and kissed him a slight amount deeper. Karam had both his small hands on Siwons chest.  Siwon didn’t want to overdo it so he broke the kiss slowly. He leaned into Karams ear.

“I think the person accepted my feelings, am I right?” He whispered into his ear.


“I …I…Siwon hyung are you sure it’s me you like, I am nothing.” Karam said fighting back the excitement.


“I am sure sweetness, I have liked you for a while now, I just never realized how much” He said touching Karams face.


“Siwon I like you a lot as well I just didn’t say anything , I have so much baggage I didn’t want to bring it into your life.” Karam said lowering his head.


Siwon got up and sat the same way the others did he pulled Karam in between his legs letting his back rest on Siwons chest.


“Baggage or not Karam, I am falling in love with you, and I refuse to ignore it.” Siwon said softly in his ear.


“Siwon hyung?”




“Will you put your arms around me?” Karam asked blushing.

He felt Siwons muscular arms wrap around his midsection and he rested his head back. He felt so safe and comfortable. After hiding it from him he knew now and everything seemed easier to handle now.

Siwon smiled at the precious angel in his arms and leaned against the wall.

Heechul wasn’t paying attention but when he checked his jaw dropped so hard he swore you could hear it. He smacked Jae who looked and giggled like a maniac Yuhno and Hangeng looked and smiled at the masterpiece their wives had created.

“You never cease to amaze me baby” Yuhno whispered to Jae.


“Stick around you ain’t seen nothing yet” Jae giggled.


“Already had that in mind baby” Yuhno smiled and kissed Jaes head.


The couples eventually got tired and headed to bed. Hanchul stayed in the movie room because they had already fallen asleep. Jae had Yuhno get them a blanket. Jae didn’t want to break the new couple up so he nodded and told Siwon to stay as well. He offered to take the couch while Karam took the guestroom. But boldly Karam wanted him to stay in the bed with him. Siwon  smiled and headed in the guest room with Karam. Jae and Yuhno went to their bedroom and got changed.


“I can’t believe Siwon had a thing for Karam. The whole love bite thing must have burned his ” Yuhno said chuckling at his own pun.


“Yeah and now they are together it seems” Jae said.


“Love appears when you least expect it Yunnie I know from experience” Jae giggled climbing into bed.


Yuhno crawled under the covers and pushed them down off Jae’s tummy. He lifted Jae’s shirt and placed small kisses on Jae’s baby belly.


“Sweet dreams my little ones. Appa loves you.” Yuhno smiled and pushed the shirt back down covering Jae back up who was gazing lovingly at Yuhno.


“I love you baby, so very much. Come here so I can hold my family close” Yuhno smiled pulling Jae close to him letting his hands rest on Jae’s tummy lacing their hands together on it.


“I love you too Yunnie bear, you’re the best part of me” Jae cooed closing his eyes.


The house was slowly enveloped in sleep. 








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