Chunnie YOU SMELL!!!

The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East

 Meanwhile at Changkyu’s home…….


“Chunnie, that goes in the kitchen” Junsu giggled at his lovers lack of decorating knowledge.


Yewook stayed with them to help unpack the boxes, and organize the house. Changmin has been staying at Yunjae’s house because his heart can’t handle the hurt walking into the house that was frozen in time for him during such a tragedy.


“Yah, we finished the guest room and the bathroom, we are going to work on the movie room  and the game room” Yesung called down to them.


“Deh, good idea we will finish the kitchen and sitting room, we finished the dining room we can tackle the last 2 rooms together arraso?” Chun called back up.


He felt two arms wrap around his waist and sighed.


“Honey, I know it’s tough but I think that it’s something you will be able to handle my tough little dolphin” Chun said trying to cheer his lover.


“I know Chunnie, it’s just going to be hard creating such a beautiful room with him being kidnapped, and watching Changmin with the wretched Karam, even as a plan it doesn’t feel right” Junsu said laying his head on Chuns’ back.


“see it how I do honey, We are creating a warm welcome home for them. All three of them Deh?, and we are their uncles so it will add a sense of love to it Deh?” Chun said spinning around pulling Su into his chest.


“Yah, Chunface what the hell are you wearing, new body spray?” Junsu scrunched his nose.


Yoochun looked at him puzzled.


“Aniyo honey I don’t have anything new on it’s the same why so disgusted?”


“Yuck it’s making my stomach churn”


“Shall I go shower then?”


“Ani, you don’t need to Chunnie, Im sorry just a few days some things make me not like smelling”


“I think your nose is cute scrunchy honey” Chun said planting a soft kiss on Su’s lips pressing deeper.


“such a greasy Chunnie”


“And you love me greasy charm and all” He said kissing him again deeply this time pressing his groin into Su’s.


Su broke the kiss and swatted him giggling and went back to unpacking things and placing them in their right position.  Chun  found himself staring at what he refered to as the juicy plump firm duckbutt  . Junsu bent over to put a bowl in a lower cabinet. He didn’t expect to feel what he felt next!


“Mmmm honey want to work on that goal? Because I think we could sneak away for a while keke” He said grabbing Su’s waist bumping his groin into his .


Junsu leaned up and back into Chun pressing his bottom against his lovers groin.


“Tonight we will right now focus Chunnie your making it hard for me to think straight.” Junsu smiled turning around and kissing his cheek.


“Im going to hold you to that baby, I will even one up the score I might have something you will like tonight” Chun smiled evilly.


“Your on!” Su smiled and bent over wiggling his at Chun.


“YAH NO CHEATING!” Chun pouted diverting his attention to something else.


Junsu just giggled.


They had gotten all the rooms done but one. They all dreaded doing this one room. They stood outside the door.


“We can do this guys, we have to for them!” Yesung said biting his lip.


“ But, it’s going to be so hard.” Ryeowook sniffled. Causing Yesung to cradle him tight.


“Yah, come on he will be home soon and this will give him even more to smile for” Junsu said wiping his nose with his sleeve.


Yoochun took the first step and opened the rooms door. The room was not painted, nor was anything in it but new boxes straight off a delivery truck. They knew putting together Changmin and Kyuhyun’s bedroom would be hard but this. This was just nearly unbearable.


“Ch..Chunnie” Junsu sniffed and Yoochun held him close not  being able to hold back his own tears.


Yewook fought the tears as well until, two new helpers came in.


“Okay guys quit with the tears, we don’t want your boogers and tears all over the baby’s new things deh?”


“SIWON!!! EUNHYUK!!!” Junsu squealed hugging them.


“Okay guys come here deh?” Siwon said.


“I just spoke to Hangeng  and everything is going according to plan except we have new players!” Siwon said looking quite concerned.


“New players?” Asked Yoochun.


“Deh, It seems we know where there little hideout is, I always wondered why the four of them went to Everland so much!” Eunhyuk said.


“They are in Everland? Then what the are we doing here?” Junsu said angrily.


“Suie listen ok. We have the plan going right now, the slightest deviation from it could get people hurt or worse killed. We need to keep this going.” Siwon said.


“And it seems, our new player is…” Siwon pinched the bridge of his nose.


“Karam!” Eunhyuk said.


“THA ?  That can ‘t be my brother is friends with him !” Yoochun said slamming his fist on the wall.


“Well they caught him in a lie and he went into the storage building where two of the brothers went in only after telling hyungs he was going to use the bathroom” Siwon said.


“But don’t worry Yunjae, and Changmin are there as well As Heechul and Hangeng. They will keep us updated on any changes.” Siwon said patting Yoochuns back.


“Now lets get this baby room all swaggered out for that little one deh?” Eunhyuk smiled.


It seems that was all they needed was a good pep talk. They all began to work. First they painted the room a creamy color. They waited for the paint to dry almost fully before Yewook hung up the draperies and hung some empty picture frames. Yoosu took the task of building the furniture. Siwon and Eunhyuk took the built pieces and placed them where they look best. Once everything was placed Junsu and Ryeowook took the task of placing the knick knacks and putting the bedding on.


“This is so beautiful Suie don’t you think” Ry asked.


“Deh, Changmin might be a snarky maknae, but the kid has such a warm heart and good god damn taste it seems” Junsu chuckled.


They finished up and called the boys back. They opened the door and got gasps at how beautiful the room had turned out, despite them having such a hard time.


“We did this?” Yesung asked smiling.


“Yep we did” Junsu said.


“FOR CHANGMIN KYUHYUN AND BABY!” Siwon cheered. Everyone clapped and hugged at the room.


“We need to head back to Jae and Yun’s they are heading back and Karam is NOT to know about this house deh?” Siwon said and they all agreed.


They all closed up the home and rushed back to Jaejoong and Yuhno’s .


When they got back Yoochun, Yesung and Siwon decided to make dinner for them all. Junsu and Eunhyuk were setting a place to sit. Ryeowook was searching for dishes.


“Omo what the hell are you cooking  in there it smells like fried !” Junsu said scrunching his nose up.


Yoochun looked at him and scratched his chin.


“Honey may I talk to you privately for a moment?” Yoochun asked looking serious.


They went into the bathroom at Jae’s.


“How long has smell been bothering you honey?” he asked.


“Umm a few days, and WOW U STILL SMELL!” He scrunched his nose up again.


“And you haven ‘t been sleeping well!” Yoochun said.


“Nah not really, only on the nights we have until im literally unconscious!” He giggled.


“I need to run to the store honey will you be ok for a little bit?” Yoochun asked.


“Aniyo!” he replied pouting.


“Why what’s wrong? Is it that Yesung and his weird finger habit?” Yoochun asked.


“Aniyo I just might miss you too much!” Su giggled and blushed.


Yoochun brought him into an embrace and smiled kissing his forehead.


“I will be sure to hurry then arraso?” Yoochun said.


“Deh, but safely hurry, Saranghae” Junsu said sweetly.


nado dangsin-eul saranghae” Yoochun replied kissing him softly before swatting his gently.


“Yah CHUNNIE!” Junsu blushed and the others giggled.


“I will be right back guys I need to run to the store we need something to ease tonight to put up with that little evil Jae clone!” He smiled.


“SOJU!” Eunhyuk laughed.


Yoochun nodded but he had a more important purchase in his mind first.




He arrived at the pharmacy and picked up about 6 pregnancy tests, and walked to the counter.


“May I ask do they work for male pregnancy as well sir?” He asked the pharmacist.


“Deh, it goes by hormones, and to become pregnant you need that hormone” He smiled ringing them up.


“Kamsamnida” Yoochun blushed.


He paid the guy and smiled.


“Good luck son I hope you get your wish!” The pharmacist called out.




He drove over to the grocery and picked up 4 cases of soju, and some snacks. He paid for them and loaded them into his car. He headed back to the compound.


He grabbed the few bags he had keeping close watch where he was keeping the special bag.  He went into the house and smiled at Yesung.


“Can you guys get the Soju out of my trunk?” He asked.


Yesung nodded and him and Eunhyuk went to retrieve it. He carefully set down the bags and managed to get to the bathroom before Junsu noticed.


He laid out the tests and shut the door. He went into the kitchen and grabbed Junsu’s wrist smiling.


“C’mere baby I got to show you something” He smiled dragging him to the bathroom.


He went in first and turned Junsu to face the tests lined up on the counter.


“Chu..Chunnie what the heck are these for” He asked stumped.


“ Baby, Humor me and try one please and then I will explain” he asked with a serious face.


“Ermm ok, just got to pee on the stick thing right? Oh never mind I will read the directions. But which one?” He asked looking at the selection.


“You choose and I will leave so you can do it, and Suie?” Yoochun said.


“Deh, Silly Chunnie?”


“I love you no matter what deh!” he smiled.


Junsu wrapped his arms around him and looked into his eyes.


“I love you too Chunnie, that’s why I am marrying you” He smiled kissing him softly before Yoochun left him with some, privacy.


Yoochun went outside of the bathroom and stood against  the wall sliding to the floor. He was beyond nervous. But either way he was ready to face what came. He wanted this more than he thought he did. He wanted his dolphin happy. But he was also scared. With everything going on he didn’t want to risk Su getting hurt none the less a child.


Junsu opened the door and pulled him in. Yoochun giggled.


“Okay I peed on the stick we got to wait 6 minutes”. He smiled.


“Remember baby either way We Got This!” Yoochun said sitting on the closed toilet pulling Junsu into his lap.


“I know Chunnie I trust in that!” Junsu replied laying his head on Yoochuns shoulder.


The two sat nervously there and when Junsu’s watch alarm went off they both jumped and looked at each other. Yoochun took Junsu’s hand and kissed it.


“No matter what baby!” He smiled


Junsu walked over to the counter and lifted the stick to look at it. His eyes closed then he opened them crashing to the floor like he was sad.


“Suie what does it say?” Chun asked kneeling down with him trying to see the results.


“Im sorry Chunnie” He kept his head low.


“Awe baby what did I say no matter what deh?” He pulled him close.


“Aniyo Chunnie, I am sorry to say I won’t be able to enjoy Soju tonight CAUSE WE ARE PREGNANT!” He beamed and shot up pulling Chun up with him.


“WAE?” Yoochun gasped.


“WE DID IT CHUNNIE WE DID IT!” He yelled the others came rushing to the door knocking hearing the yelling.


Junsu and Yoochun laughed opening the door.


“Yah tell me you guys didn’t DO IT in here come onnnnnnnn it’s Jae’s bathroom piggies” Siwon laughed.


Junsu held up the pregnancy test and smirked.!




“Yep found out just now thanks to my little detective Chunnie here” Junsu smiled getting hugged by them all.


“Omo I can’t wait to tell Jae and K….” Junsu lowered his head.


“Baby it’s ok you will tell him soon deh?” Yoochun said cheering him up.


“PARTY TIME!” Yesung laughed.


“Yah Yuhno texted they are on their way home” Ryeowook smiled.


“Omo he’s going to flip!” Junsu blushed cleaning up the mess.


“Hey baby?” Yoochun asked.


“Deh, My Chunnie?” Junsu turned to answer.


“I love you so much, Kamsamnida!” he smiled embracing him tightly.


“No Kamsamnida to you Chunnie for sticking by me for it all I love you with all   my heart” Junsu replied shutting off the light as they headed to the kitchen.


CHangkyu's Living Room

Changkyu's Kitchen/Dining Area


Changkyu's Movie Room

Changkyu's Favorite Room The Game Room

Changkyu's Guest Bedroom

Changkyu's Master Bath

Changkyu's Bedroom









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