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The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East


Yuhno and Jae arrived at the doctor’s office. They were immediately brought into a private room. After some women in the waiting room recognized them and began to squeal.  Yuhno sat down in the chair while Jae got up on the exam table.




“Hello Jaejoong. Hello Yuhno.” Doctor Hyim smiled warmly greeting them.


“Hello Doctor Hyim” Jaejoong smiled.


“So have we been doing well Jaejoong?” he asked.


“Deh, plenty of sleep and eating well and drinking and taking my vitamins” Jaejoong said like a proud student.


“Kekeke Good Good  Well today we are going to listen for the baby’s heartbeat. Dylan will take you to the ultrasound room and do that for you .”


“I just wanted to check in on my patient, I thought you and Ky where going to be coming together?” He asked.


Jaejoong felt his breath hitch. Yuhno stepped in.


“Ky is in Japan for a little while, family trouble” Yuhno said.


“Ahh I see, well tell him he needs to come see me as soon as he can deh?” The doctor said smiling that warm smile.


“Will do Doctor” Yuhno said softly.


“JAEJOONG YUHNO!!!” Dylan the bubbly nurse came in and was excited to see her favorite people.


“Heya Dylan how are you?” Yuhno asked.


“I am great, are we ready to go listen and look?” She squeaked.


“Deh, Dylan very ready!” Jae squeaked back.


Jae climbed off the table and linked arms with Dylan. She reminded him of his sisters. Yuhno just chuckled and followed.


“And you’re lucky Jaejoong we can record it for your own keeping.” She giggled.


“Okay here we are same as last time jump up on the table I will get the machine and we can say helloo to baby” She smiled.


Yuhno helped Jae on the table and lifted his shirt up keeping what he could covered. Jae smiled and grabbed Yuhno’s hand. Yuhno pulled the chair over with his foot and sat down closing his hands around Jae’s one hand.


“Okie Dokie, cold stuff” She squeezed the goop on Jae’s tummy and Jae winced.


She turned the machine on and began to glide it over Jae’s tummy. Jae and Yuhno watched the screen. She a button and it sounded like weird static. Jae furrowed his brows.


“Let’s see here” She said moving the wand around on Jaes tummy.  Amist the staticy horrible sound a new sound emerged.  It sounded sort of like a really fast train.  Jae looked concerned. Dylans eyes widened.


“Wait a minute here, Oh my, Um Jaejoong Yuhno I will be right back.” Dylan said getting up


“Wait what’s wrong” Yuhno asked worried.


“Minhae nothing is wrong I just need to get another tool deh?”  she smiled reassuringly.


“Yunnie Im scared” Jae said near trembling.


“Baby it’s ok Dylan would tell us if something was wrong, I am sure of it” He smiled Kissing Jae’s forehead.


“Minhae about that! I had to get this Doppler machine it’s a lot stronger and clearer sounding” She smiled.


“Now let’s try this again shall we” she said putting the new wand on Jae’s Tummy.


Almost in a second they could hear the same sound crystal clear, but this one seemed to have an echo.


“Oh boy” Dylan said grinning brightly


“Aish Dylan stop saying oh something what is it you’re going to give me a fricken heart attack here” Yuhno said lightly.


“Okay Yuhno you’re going to be my assistant Deh? Now come here and hold this wand right where it is arraso?” She smiled as he made his way to her side.


Jae watched wondering what in the Sam hell was going on.


“Now I am going to use the ultrasound to see the baby while Yuhno keeps the sound on for us deh Jaejoong?” She smiled and ran the wand over his stomach.


They all watched the screen. She turned to Jae and Yuhno and had a huge grin on her face.


“Okay guys see this little thing here that looks like a shrimp?” She asked as they nodded yes.


“That is well to put it lightly that is baby #1” She giggled.


She moved the wand to a different area and pointed to another little shrimp like picture.


“And that is baby #2 congratulations guys you’re having twins. That is why I wanted this machine because it clarified my initial thought”


Yuhno did say a word. Jae felt the wand fall on his stomach and a thud. They looked and see Yuhno passed out on the floor. Dylan giggled and Jae chuckled.


“Omo Yunnie” Jae cooed.


“a little of this and he will wake up” Dylan said taking a packet from her pocket and running it under Yuhno’s nose. His eyes popped open like a wild animal.


“Good morning Yuhno, nice of you to join us” Dylan giggled helping him to the chair.


“You ok Yunnie?” Jae said patting his thigh.


“Did…she say we are having twins?” He said rubbing the back of his head.


“Yep 2 little ones who are in very good shape” Dylan giggled.


Yuhno’s eyes filled with tears. Jae sat up taking Yuhno’s hand.


“Yunnie what’s wrong?” Jae asked scared.


“I am a terrible appa I only bought the one crib and one of everything” He cried causing Jae and Dylan to burst into laughter.


“Yunnie bear, we didn’t know even Dylan was shocked. And never say you’re a terrible appa, you by far will be the best appa to these two munchkins as you already are for Min” Jae cooed kissing Yuhno’s hand.


Dylan recorded the sound and printed out pictures for them and handed them to Yuhno.


“I am very happy for you guys, I will inform the doctor, and we will see you in one month arraso?” She said smiling and hugging the two.


“You got it Dylan thank you so much” Yuhno said helping Jae off the table. 


Yuhno took Jaes hand into his as they headed out to the car.  They headed back to the compound with the wonderful news. Jae,  staring at the pictures the whole time, and begging Yuhno to play the cd, which he happily did.


When they arrived Heechul was sitting on the lawn outside with Hangeng. They waved the two down.


Jae ran over to them and hugged them suddenly, Yuhno laughed.


“What is it Jae?” Heechul asked.   


Jae proudly handed them the pictures and both of them felt their jaws drop.


“Holy Mother” Heechul said


“Of God” Hangeng added.


Jae giggled like a school girl and Heechul joined in. Hangeng and Yuhno just watched chuckling.


“Two man two you’re in some serious trouble man” Hangeng said laughing.


Yuhno laughed and rolled his eyes.


“Where is Changmin?” Jae asked.


“They left for the date about 20 min ago, we waited for you” Hangeng smiled.


“Let me go change and we can head out” Jae said rushing to the house, Yuhno trailing behind with Hanchul.


They all got in Yuhno’s car and headed to the amusement park Everland where Changmin and Karam where.


When they arrived they spotted Changmin’s car and parked within range of it. They all headed to the entrance gate.


“Four please” Yuhno said paying the woman.


“Yah, we could have paid for it Yuhno Kamsamnida” Hangeng bowed.


“Least I could do guys now let’s go have some fun Deh?” He smiled.


As they made their way around they saw 2 of the brothers heading towards the food area.  They followed but acted normal.


They saw them go towards a storage building. Yuhno nodded to Hangeng. Heechul linked arms with Jae and guided him to the food area.


“They are going to follow them stay here with me to be safe for the babies  deh?” Jae nodded.


“Wait theres Min and Karam over there by the kimbap booth”  Jae pointed.


“Ok lets go say hi deh?” Heechul smiled and they headed over.


“Umma, Chullie what are you doing here?” Changmin smiled wide seeing them.


“Well we decided it sounded fun so we came along I hope we aren’t bothering you Min” Jae said


“Not at all Jaejoong hyung, I think it’s more fun this way. It’s a family type thing right Shimmie?” Karam smiled.


“Aish Shimmie I am going to go to the toilet I will be right back, miss me a lot deh?” Karam said.


“Already do angelbutt” Changmin flashed his smile and kissed Karam.


“Excuse me hyungs” Karam said and they nodded.


Jaejoong and Heechul sat down with Min and talked.


“Your doing great my BabyMin, soon Ky will be home deh?” Jae said.


“I’m trying Umma but, he’s like a fricken pogo stick, one minute he’s cool and I can handle him the next he damn near me” Changmin frowned.


Jae took his hand and squeezed it. He figured he would wait to give Min the good news so he wouldn’t be hurting over his own child.


“Where is Appa and Hannie?” Min asked looking around.


“They are on a mission” Heechul nodded softly and winked.




“We saw two and they are on them” Jae said.


Yuhno and Hannie lost track of the two brothers and decided to head back when they saw Karam headed their way. Yuhno grabbed Hangeng and pulled him behind a port a potty.


“Yah what is he doing alone and heading out here?” Yuhno said.


“Good question lets watch him!” Hangeng said.


They watch Karam as he headed into the very same warehouse the two brothers went. Yuhno and Hangeng didn’t want to take a chance and headed back to the others.


“Appa!” Changmin yelled to Yuhno who smiled.


“Hey Min having any fun?” Yuhno asked sarcastically and Changmin laughed.


“Ya loads” Changmin rolled his eyes.


“Where’s your hot little Jae clone?” Hangeng asked.


“Ah Karam need to use the toilet, he should be back in a few minutes!” Changmin answered.


They looked and almost as if on cue Karam came walking back towards the group. He looked somewhat stunned to see Yuhno and Hannie.


“Well hey Yuhno and Hangeng hyung” Karam said sitting down next to Changmin who threw on the charm and wrapped and arm around the blushing boy.


“Hey Karam how’s our boy treating you?” Yuhno smiled while internally speaking to Jaejoong.


“Baby we followed Shingdong and Kibum to some warehouse behind the fair, but we decided not to go in just in case”


“A warehouse, OMO Yunnie what if Ky is in there?”


“I know but Hannie thinks we need to take cautious steps and we don’t know how many people are in there”


“Good I don’t need you having even a scratch on that……Aish hormones Minhae but it is a good idea”


“There’s more”




“When we were coming back, we saw someone going into the building we hid so they wouldn’t see us”


“Did you recognize them?”


“Oh Deh we sure did”




Yuhno nodded at Karam making Jae’s eyes bug out. Hangeng spit his juice out and coughed. Heechul was quick to cover it knowing he was shocked at something he saw or read.


“Aish baby I just touched it…. Sensitive much public love is hot!!” Heechul smirked patting Hannies back.


Hannie giggled inside at his lovers’ cute cover and relaxed himself. He wasn’t able to get past some wall in Jaejoongs head to speak to him. He couldn’t figure it out. When he tried to push through the wall he saw something amazing.


“You ok Hannie?” Changmin asked eating his food.


Yeah sorry about that” he laughed.


“It’s all good, but Chullie might not want to someone when they are drinking kekeekeee” Changmin laughed.


Karam handed Hannie a napkin and he happily took it with a thank you.


“Shimmie we should all go on rides make this a FAMILY event.” Karam suggested.


Jaejoongs fists clenched under the table. Yuhno noticed and took his hand into his.  He wanted Jaejoong to relax,  to show him he was right by his side and things will go as according to plan even with the new development.


“Sounds great my little angel ” Changmin plastered on his fake smile.


“Shimmie PoPo” Karam giggled.


Changmin looked at Karam and kissed him softly. He had to make it real. When all that was on his mind and heart was his precious Kyuhyun.


“Yah, quit that lets go!” Heechul said pulling everyone up.


“Jaejoongie can’t ride dangerous rides and I quite frankly hate them so you guys can do the big ones I will sit with Jaejoongie deh?” Heechul said winking secretly to Jae.


“Rollercoaster!!!” Changmin said pointing to the smaller coaster in front of them.


Yuhno Changmin Karam and Hangeng all got in the que to get on, while Jae and Chullie sat on a bench watching.


“That little puke I want to rip his ing balls off and shove them in his nostrils” Jae said shocking Heechul.


“Whoa Jaejoongie I didn’t know you were able to talk like that, I admit it’s kind of hot!” Chullie chuckled.


“Well, this is just not fair, KY and Min and now this tard is involved somehow.” Jae continued to rant on.


“Jaejoongie listen Hannie is not one to do things haphazardly, and nor is Yuhno, so if they say we need to keep the plan going, I leave my faith in them.” Chullie said.


“I know it’s just KY and the baby, if something happens to either of them it will kill Min, and just……. AISH ok I’m going to stop or I will cry” Jae said.


“I have an idea!” Heechul said running over to the group and telling something to them before rushing back to Jae pulling him off the bench.


“Wait what, where are we going Yunnie will worry” Jae said pulling back.


“He knows you’re safe duh I just told him” Chullie smirked.


Chullie dragged Jae to a Photobooth. He grinned evilly. Jae rolled his eyes.


“Chullie I look like crap, what are we doing?” Jae said adjusting his hair.


“We are making good memories for those two there” He said pointing to their lovers.


“And those two here” He said pointing to Jae’s tummy. Jae blushed and smiled.


“Okay you win” He giggled as Chullie pulled him into the booth.


Jae and Chullie took many shots, there was one where Jae was sticking his fingers in his ears like he wasn’t listening and Chullie made a face like he was yelling at him. They called it the “bad kid picture”. But the last picture they were going to take Heechul had a brilliant idea.


“Jae this last one is special” he said.


Heechul lifted Jae to stand, He lifted his jacket and shirt up so all that was in the frame was his stomach. Jae looked at him.


“what the” he said.


“We will call this one…Our first family trip to the park, for Yuhno!” Heechul blushed at his own cuteness and pushed the button.


Jae blushed and hugged Heechul.


“That was so perfect thank you Chullie you cheered me up a lot” Jae said into his neck.


“I may not be your guardian Jaejoongie but I am your friend and moreso I consider you guys family” Chullie smiled.


They retrived the pictures and headed back to the bench just as the 4 were going onto the ride. Jae closed his eyes and said something to Yuhno.


“Be careful husband, I love you”


“Awe baby I love you three two watch for me …I will be the one screaming like a girl kekeke”


“Go get em tiger”


Heechul chuckled knowing they were talking. And nudged Jae.


“You might want to turn off that mind link Jaejoongie trust me a mind power and screaming DOES NOT FEEL GOOD…well unless…Aish trust me” Heechul laughed.


Jae did so and tensed up.


“It’s ok honey Im still linked with Hannie he will be safe, and Hannie doesn’t scream on coasters” Heechul smiled putting an arm around Jae.


They watched the coaster start up the track and Jae felt his head lean back onto Heechul. His eyes were very heavy. He closed them and Heechul adjusted knowing he was falling asleep. He didn’t mind. Heechul watched the group fly through the coaster looping and turning and twisting. Apparently the one screaming wasn’t Yuhno it was Karam.  The boy looked green when they left the gate.


“Yah, are you going to hurl Karam?” Yuhno laughed.


“Appa, let him be my angel is sensitive” Changmin barked making Karam grab his arm.


“It’s ok Shimmie he’s just kidding” Karam said.


“ Yuhno look” Hangeng said pointing to Chullie cradling a sleeping Jae.


“Yah Chullie are you molesting my baby?” Yuhno laughed walking over to his sleeping angel.


“Nah, he’s  all, Yunnie this and Yunnie that he talked about you so much he pretty much bored himself unconcious kekekeke” Heechul cracked up.


“Thanks Chullie” Yuhno smiled patting his shoulder.


“Anytime doll” Heechul said wiggling out so Yuhno could replace him.


“Help me get him on my back deh?” Yuhno smiled.


“he will be pretty upset if we just leave, so I will carry him until he wakes up” he added.


Hangeng helped Yuhno get Jaejoong on his back. Almost instinctively Jae wrapped his arms around Yuhnos neck and nuzzled into his body. Yuhno smiled hearing him mumble about himself and the twins.


“Why don’t we go to the funhouse” Hangeng suggested.


“wohooo lets go” Changmin smiled hoisting Karam on his back


Heechul held back his anger. Hannie decided to risk decapitation and hoisted him on his back too. Heechul hid his blush knowing he was trying to soothe him.


“Kamsamnida honey” He whispered into his ear.


“Always my darling” Hannie said.












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