Perfections That Come with Flaws



"Having all perfectionists around you obviously makes you one immediately. From mother and older brother to the school you go to…all perfectionists. That was my life. My mother, my brother, my friends…they were all perfectionists. They refused to believe that there could be any chance of a flaw. And it didn’t change. My life, I mean. At least…not until Hwang Minhyun."



Title : Perfections That Come with Flaws

Characters : Nam Yuri [oc/you/reader], Hwang Minhyun,  Kim Myungsoo, NU'EST, Nam Woohyun

Pairing : YurixMinhyun

Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Hwang Minhyun or any other artist mentioned in the story. I only own the fictional characters and the plot. Original work of EhkkalaMinYoungie. Do not plagiarize for any use. 


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There’s a saying that goes ‘All perfection comes with flaws’ and as much as perfectionists dislike believing it, it was nothing but the truth.

Nothing can ever be perfect if it doesn’t have imperfections. In other words, nothing can ever be perfect.

Not a place, not a person.

Not a family, not a friend.

One believing or not believing is their problem. That was the truth which all perfectionists refused to accept.

And yet here I am, the only daughter of the Nam family, refusing to be a perfectionist.

But then again, my life had never been perfect.

At least not after Hwang Minhyun came into it.


A/N :  HEYLOA, PEOPLE! kaya is back with another fic and this time it will NOT be going to end other stories that still haven't ended. ^^' 

this time, the main chara is nu'est's Minhyun! he's just so adorable! i got addicted to them after face. 

i know that there are still unfinished stories, but this one isn't going to be like that. i'll be continuing my other stories too, but since i'm suddenly in live with nu'est, this one comes as first priority. kekeke~

anyways, read and enjoys. Subbers are always loved! ^^ ♥

Author is craving hot chocolate with cookies. It might affect the story. D:

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Kpop_Loverx3 #1
Chapter 48: you havent updated in foreverrr >.< update again soon? its getting to the good part...
KpopForever171 #2
Chapter 48: Love the story so far!!
My favorite one out of all of the other ones I've read and trust me I've read A LOT!!!
Please update soon!!!
Chapter 48: SO glad you're back! :D
Chapter 48: (๑>∪<๑) minri feels!!
I just wanna knoe wtf just happened..
And jr better not leave like like wtf man!! No just no. (-_-#)
samyeol #5
Chapter 47: woohyuuuuuuuuun. okay. i could imagine him givibg yuri sloppy kisses lol please make eunbi tie jr onto a chair so that he wouldn't leave pleaaaaseeeeeee
Italypasta #6
Chapter 5: Sooo fluffyyyyy <3
samyeol #7
Chapter 46: minriminriminriiiiii and 2hyunnnnn gaaaah minimal appearance of my biases but whatever. minriiiiiii
samyeol #8
hi kayaaaaa! omg i didnt know you were updating!! anyways, i decided to check on this story agaib because i kinda miss it and bam! already 44 chapters??? and i didn't know?! where was i omg ii am so sorry for not reading the past few chapters! but i reread it from chapter 24 hahaha and yeah. i like it like it like it!!! mehehehe that song in chapter 36 is safety zone huh? isn't it? isn't it???
Chapter 44: ;_; you can tell how much JR means to Minhyun and even though theirs sorta a love triangle between baekho and minhyun, baekho doesnt really have much of chance, since Yuri and Minhyun have grown closer though out this story. I guess baekho will realize this now seeing what just happened
Chapter 44: the fact that you mentioned my name first, is still varah touching. C:

long story short: everyone, except for aren likes likes yuri. that's what i get. your updates are too boagovaa. >_>