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Catherina Andalasia Abrizia, the Empress of the Uverean Empire, despite her esteemed position and five years of marriage to the Emperor, had not yet produced an heir. This led the Emperor to form a harem of 15 concubines, each a princess from the kingdoms within the Uverean Empire.

Finally, after seven years, the Empress, renowned as the most beautiful woman in the entire empire, gave birth. Unfortunately, the child was a girl, a disappointment in the eyes of the empire. Knowing it was impossible for her to bear another child, the Empress made a drastic decision to protect her daughter.

She decided that she would raise her beautiful baby girl, with her platinum blonde hair and imperial blue eyes, as a prince.

Holding her daughter tenderly in her arms, she whispered, “Karina Athanasia Abrizia, my darling daughter, forgive your sinful mother. From this day forward, you shall be known as Kareen Anthanov Abrizia, Crown Prince and future sun of the Uverean Empire.”



All characters, events, and situations depicted in this story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to real-life events is purely coincidental.

Furthermore, the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of the characters portrayed in this narrative do not necessarily reflect those of the author. The author's intent is to craft a compelling story that explores various themes and aspects of the human experience, but any interpretations or implications drawn from the characters' behavior are the sole responsibility of the reader.

Thank you for embarking on this literary journey with an open mind and understanding of the fictional nature of the story.




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Chapter 3: winter so cute, a true beautiful princess, please, i need to see how this story keeps going, can't wait for the next chapters TT TT
winjeongsimp #2
Chapter 2: love this already
Chapter 2: This is so good! I love how cute Winter is! HAHAHAHA who wouldn't fall in love with our beautiful crown prince! I love how Winter was so against of beco,ing the crown princess but changed her mind in an instant when she met Karina! HAHAHAHA so cute this two!
crimson_snow #4
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Winter fell in love at first sight hahahahahaha. It's cute how Winter's dad told her to perform poorly so she didn't need to be the crown princess, she seems to have grown up in a loving family. But now that she saw the prince, she has just a month to prepare 😂
crimson_snow #5
Chapter 1: Oh this is gonna be good, I can already feel it. Can't wait to see how K grows up and how long they can keep their secret