Binibini (Love Me Now)

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Winter Amethyst Kim - Hopless romantic? yes, but that was 10 years ago and now that she's turning 29 and hindi na sya naniniwala sa love love na yan. NGSB sya and even her nanay has given up already when it comes to her non-existing love life.

Pano ba kasi isa lang naman sya'ng certified taong bahay, pinagtutulakan na sya ng pamilya nya gumala, pumarty at kung ano ano pa pero ayaw nya talaga di nya bet sa maraming tao mabilis lowbat social bat nya. And really all she can think of right now is bills, due dates and deadlines at work. Tatandang dalaga na nga lang talaga siguro sya.  But one decision changes the trajectory of her life or should we say "it's meant to be" 


Katarina Fleur Yu - Out and proud, sobrang daming admirers men and women alike. Pero NGSB, her reason? Di pa nya nakikita soulmate nya. Bored na bored sa buhay at gustong gusto nya nang may ma-spoil at ma-baby na girlfriend and yes she is a Hopeless romantic who believes in soulmates and love at first sight. And in her 29 years of existence never pa nya na experience ma inlove.

"Whoever and wherever you are just wait for me"  




So this is my first fanfiction, I've been meaning to write a Winrina fanfic for a long time and so many prompts na dumaan na sa isip ko. Hopefully I would be able to give justice to this one. As a fluff enjoyer myself one thing I can promise is that I will only write fluff stories so yeah :) No room for angst here. Hehe stress na nga sa totoong buhay so ayaw ko ma stress sa mga fictions na binabasa ko at isusulat ko if ever in the future. 

If you are reading this, thank you so much for giving my story a chance. Any feedback or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 


Love Lots,



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31 streak #1
Chapter 3: Destiny nga finds it way to them nga..
Chapter 3: Omg, same birthday pa silaaaa??😫😫
mssnbp #3
Chapter 2: seated
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Chapter 2: Lol.. Winter’s lifestyle is kinda me… hahaha almost same age din hahaha
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Chapter 2: ang refreshing lang talaga makabasa na ang plot ng story is working jmj, madalas kasi ng au dito sa aff puro sila estudyante. medyo di na makarelate hahahah.

anyway, as an introvert na may pagkahopeless romantic, isa na naman to sa magfufuel sa pagiging delulu ko.

salamat sa update 'tor!
Chapter 1: Why does it feels like you're describing myself authornim , as an introvert and currently on WFH set up. This hit home. 😅😊
Kannakobayashi09 #7
Hahaha based on real life ba to author? bakit karelate yung pinagtutulakan gumala o lumabas man lang 😅 (introvert things)
Chapter 1: seated
seated otor-nim!! 💕