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She was watching SKZ "Maniac" when she didn't notice that he was in her closet the whole time as he watched her how well she did the dance as he tried to be quiet the whole time but he failed as she heard some things that got knocked down as she opens the closet door and saw her boxes knocked down as she picks it up and then she saw a hand stopped her as she widen her eyes when she backed up...

Who's the person??


I decided to write about Felix since he's my favorite member of SKZ, hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters... Oops I kind of spoiled it but hope you'll understand who 😁😁😁😁😁


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exofan43 #1
Chapter 6: Thanks to those who are commenting on my story so far, don't worry, Daylynn is gonna be alright since she's got full support from Baekhyun and Felix
59 streak #2
Chapter 6: The story took a sudden drastic turn. With her dad dead and mom in mental institutional Daylyn n has a lot on her plate. Luckily Stray Kids are by her side.
59 streak #3
Chapter 5: Nicole is insane. That news will be devastating to Daylynn.
59 streak #4
Chapter 4: I hope Daylynn is okay. Stray Kids seem to really like her because of her good personality.
59 streak #5
Chapter 3: Fighthung is never good, especially when the kids hear it. They might be grown up but it still hurts
59 streak #6
Chapter 2: I have a feeling things will go downhill and troubles will arise.
59 streak #7
Chapter 1: I really hope they get to kiss.