i once believed love will be black and white (but it’s golden)

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Minjeong always have nightmares but after she meets Jimin, her nightmares are gone. Does Jimin have superpowers or is it just that Minjeong can't stop thinking about her even in her sleep?


TW: Mentions of homophobia

I converted one of my old ideas to winrina because I thought that it worked well with their dynamic. I rewrote most of it and made it a little longer. It’s been a while since I wrote for kpop, so if you have read something similar elsewhere before…no you didn't. And I think there needs to be more fantasy aus for this ship!! So this is my contribution.

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taenggo09 #1
Chapter 1: oh i love this
cute little fluff
httpdaniyoo #2
Chapter 1: this is actually so cute