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Yu Jimin is sweet, but sour; and Kim Minjeong doesn't realise she keeps coming back for more. 


Dropping 3 fics with the album?? Feeding yall well since I've returned hahaha🧑‍🍳🧑‍🍳


Licorice, Long chat, Live my life. If you like any of them alot, hop over to twt @Kkwein to vote for one of them to become a series 

Heh 😏 did you know I wrote each story within 2 days? It’s meant to be 3- but I procrastinate too much…


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287 streak #1
Chapter 1: cutiesss 🥰🫶
poka_dots #2
Chapter 1: omg they're so cute!!! Jimin knew her way around tsundere Minjeong.
Katarinabluuswife #3
Chapter 1: This was so good I loved it